Baby heart transplant



Some thirty years ago one of my first hospital jobs was as a junior in cardiothoracic surgery under Professor Philip Caves in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. This man was doing major surgery on new-borns and I feel sure had he been spared*, he would have been the first to transplant hearts in new-borns. He was an Ulsterman trained at Queens and also under Shumway at Stanford in the USA. He was a shining example of a Christian clinician with high standards. The most recent case Charlie had a single ventricle, a sure early death sentence in the 80s.

Prof. Philip Caves

Heart transplants

  • Caves died on the squash court age 37 in 1978, only a year after I worked for him.
  • Wikipedia

Day 6 Operation Trip

Premier Inn guarantee of a great night’s sleep was upheld again though woke very early at 0530,11-0530,0530-0830 total 9 hours! PTL.

Room                                                     Hotel                                                                             Pub for food next door.

Looing forward to CPRC live  streaming today. Got it on phone rather than laptop!

The wonder and power of the Resurrection of Christ.

Three quarters of a mile  on the crutches, equivalent to walking on your hands!


Oak tree with all acorns gone! Roman road commemorated.

The receptionist calls me ” Love” and “Lovely”…rather sweet!

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Day 5 Operation Trip

Slept better PTL. Caught up 2 hrs this am. Kind receptionists got some provisions.

Listened to this new Pastor elect Brian Feenstra (Lacombe, Alberta) whose message on Revelation 5  shows Christ is working out all the history of the world to serve his covenant and my salvation…


Conservation of Siberian tigers documentary.

Managed about half a mile in the park on crutches.

Wales v South Africa Rugby Union.

Second incumbent new PRC pastor Stephan Regnerus ((Lynden PRC)

The Sin of Sodom

Ezekiel 16:49

We usually associate Sodom and Gomorrah with the sin of homosexuality but this verse shows that at base pride and intemperance lay behind that perversion. ” Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,…. pride; which was the sin of the devils, and the cause of their ruin; the sin of our first parents, by which they fell, and destroyed themselves, and their posterity; and is the prevailing, governing, sin of human nature: it has been the ruin of kingdoms and states, of cities and particular persons; a sin hateful to God, and destructive to man: fulness of bread; the land of Sodom was very fruitful before it was destroyed; it was like the garden of the Lord, Genesis 13:10; it brought forth plentifully, so that there was great fulness of provision, of all sorts of food, which is meant by bread: this, considered in itself, was not sinful, but a blessing; it was the Lord’s mercy and goodness to them that they had such plenty; but it was their sin that they abused it; luxury and intemperance, eating and drinking to excess, are here meant; which led on to that sin, and kindled the flames of it, and were the fuel to it, which has its name from them; and, besides, this fulness of good things enjoyed by them was the source of their pride, and served to increase that, as before mentioned: and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters; prosperity and ease, security and quietness, at leisure, and without labour; two words are used to express the same thing, and to denote, as Kimchi observes, the abundance of it: sloth and idleness, as they often arise from the goodness and fruitfulness of a country, said fulness of provision, so they are the cause of much sin and wickedness; for, if persons are not employed in some business or another, either of the head or hand, they will be doing evil:
neither did she strengthen the hands of the poor and needy; though she had such abundance of food to supply them with, and so much leisure to attend to their distress; but her pride would not suffer her to do it; and she was too idle and slothful to regard such service; perhaps more is intended than is expressed; that she weakened the hands of the poor and needy, and cruelly oppressed them; which is often done by proud men, in great affluence and at leisure, which they abuse to bad purposes.” John Gill

Day 4 Operation Trip

Operation findings: high grade lesion (loss of Articular cartilage) lower lateral Femur 1.5x2cm repaired. Osteotomy performed (5mm wedge removed distal medial Femur) to correct leg alignment.

Arthroscopy.                                                        Arthritic lesions with loss of shiny articular cartilage.

Osteotomy. That was Wednesday.

My actual cut and fixation, taken during operation.

Last night Thursday ,barely slept with the throbbing pain, needed to apply cold cuff repeatedly for any relief.

Done up and downstairs with physio.

Discharge 4pm to Premier Inn just down the road. Getting taxi from Ali (who ferried me previously) from Afghanistan who as a Muslim and is praying at 2pm-pray for his reception of a Farsi Bible (language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan) I got from TBS.

Looking forward to visit from Justyn Perry, friend from Manchester, this evening.

Who are in the image of God?



All men are the image of God according to modern woolly evangelical theology. Is this Biblical? It is the view of many organisations like the Christian Institute, Christian Concern and Answers in Genesis. But for starters fallen mankind makes images and worship them (Rom.1:23)!

We must first define the image of God.

 The image of God according to Scripture is firstly Jesus Christ (II Cor.4:4, Col.1:9, Heb.1:3) secondly pre-fall humanity (Gen.1:26-27, Gen.9:6) and thirdly all believers renewed in knowledge, righteousness and true holiness (Col.3:10, Eph.4:24, Rom.8:29). The image of God equates to the likeness of God (I Cor.11:7, Col.1:15) and the glory of God (I Cor.11:6)! Unregenerate man is totally depraved and in the image of the devil, God’s image having been totally lost in the fall.

It is not morality, rationality, personality, spirituality, language or memory, intellect, will and conscience, or power over creation. These are the characteristics of man (in distinction from the image of God or the qualities of animals) and, even Satan and the fallen demons have these endowments! Are they the image, likeness and glory of God? There is no scriptural basis for these qualities being the image of God.

Totally depraved fallen man does not possess the knowledge of God which Christ defines as having eternal life (John 17:3) and for sure, fallen man does not possess righteousness or true holiness, in fact unregenerate wicked man hates God….can we rightly say he is in the image of God…absolutely not! Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, Dawkins?

All those bearing God’s image are sons of God-the incarnate Son, Adam God’s first human son (Luke 3:38) and believers as adopted sons (I John 3:1).

To believe in an image of God in unregenerate man usually is held alongside a common grace for all men which is also erroneous.

For detailed proof of the above: 

Standard Bearer May 15th 2017 p376

Excellent message

Q/A session addressing controversial passages used to support a universal image of God:

Article on the controversial passages:

Day 3 Operation Trip

Broken sleep, but that is par for me. I find the meals here come too fast and too big, especially as you are expending little energy! Highlight of the day so far was the painful visit of the physios to fit my long leg brace in which my right leg will be imprisoned for three weeks dead straight and then another three with some bend allowed. Still waiting for crutches. Made sure airline were prompted but train to airport could be fraught!

Up on crutches-thank God for strong arms. Up to sit out of bed. Stairs tomorrow and leave here for hotel. Care has been superb.

Day 2 Operation trip

Having overshot Warrington and left my cosy hat on the train, I hoped that was the end of my minor mishaps. One of the best meals of my life, the best beds I’ve ever slept in, and the best showers I’ve ever taken, followed. Stretton is definitely part of England’s “green and pleasant land”, lovely walks round about, nice brick houses and old churches, inns and pubs.

Here’s the hospital frontage and a look inside the operating theatre at an arthroscopy of the knee, one of the procedures I’ll be undergoing.

Back in ward bed after op. Awaiting feedback. Not much pain PTL.

Day 1 Operation trip

Flybe plane, made by Bombardier, Belfast.

Made it to Premier Inn, Stretton, South Warrington, Cheshire just a few hundred metres from Spire Hospital where the operation is scheduled for tomorrow (sign in 11am). Foolishly stayed on train too long and overshot destination and needed to retrace steps. Had a fantastic last meal at the Cat and Lion pub, next the hotel consisting 8oz rump steak, chips, peas and mushrooms followed by cookie dough cheesecake, ice cream and chocolate sauce, then a cappuccino-all for under £15. Haven’t had such in years! I commit myself to God’s care and secondarily the surgeon’s care. Good night.

Passover (9)

Sung Psalm 42:1-5 (note verse 4b true of Christ)

Reading John 2:13-3:2 (Christ’s first of three attendances at Passover)

Additional to last week’s O.T.  references Daniel 10:1-4 when Daniel prays and partially fasts took place during three weeks that included Passover.

Passover in N.T. Points to note:

1.       Passover was the most important feast to the Jews, and that included dispersed Jews and proselytes (Gentiles).

2.       Best attended (John 11:55, Luke 2:41 and Acts 2).

3.       Hard to find a place to keep the feast (Christ had pre-booked!)

4.       Opportunity to “fleece” people-moneychangers and animals for sale (Matt.21:12)

5.       Opportunity for Christ (and priests) to teach (Luke 2:46, John 3:3, Matthew 22-24).

6.       Degrees of holiness (John 11:55, 18:28, 19:31).

7.       Singing (Psalm 114-118, Mark 14:26).