Grieve not the Holy Spirit

“We lose both the power and pleasure of our obedience for want of this consideration. The Holy Ghost undertakes to be our comforter. What an unworthy thing it is to grieve him who comes to us on purpose to give us consolation!  The Holy Ghost, in his infinite love and kindness toward me, has condescended to be my comforter; he does it willingly, freely, powerfully. What have I received from him! In the multitude of my perplexities how has he refreshed my soul! Can I live one day without his consolations? And shall I be regardless of him in that wherein he is concerned? Shall I grieve him by negligence, sin, and folly? Shall not his love constrain me to walk before him to all well-pleasing?” Eph.4:30

John Owen

Singapore Botanic Gardens

These are the most visited gardens in the world ( 4 million p.a.) and a UNESCO world heritage site. Trees of the tropics, some huge and 300 years old, beautiful flowers especially orchids AND wandering monitor lizards that swim thrown in, plus fish and turtles. It was hot! Cost 80p!



Bat-Tailed Drongo (black)

Monitor Lizard

Pitcher plant-carnivorous-insects fall in and are dissolved.

Our responsibility regarding the Holy Spirit

Owen is brilliant (Communion with God).

There are three things considerable in the Holy Ghost: (1) his person, as dwelling in us; (2) his actings by grace, or his motions; (3) his working in the ordinances of the word, and the sacraments—all for the same end and purpose. To these three are the three cautions before suited: (1) Not to grieve him, in respect of his person dwelling in us. (2) Not to quench him, in respect of the actings and motions of his grace. (3) Not to resist him, in respect of the ordinances of Christ, and his gifts for their administration. Now, because the whole general duty of believers, in their communion with the Holy Ghost, is comprised in these three things, I shall handle them severally. TBC.

The test of true religion.

Do you know you are going to heaven?

The self-righteous religionist cannot answer positively because he never knows if he has done enough. The true Christian who has the Holy Spirit has the assurance of God’s love as Father. The true believer knows Christ has done everything for his salvation. The former is slave to a spirit of bondage and fears and even self-cruelty (see flagellation above) and his religion crucifies the Son of God afresh and is a damnable insult to him. Even if you give your body to be burnt without true love for God it profits you nothing. Only those who know Christ paid for their sins ONCE FOR ALL truly love him in return.

                                             Adapted from John Owen’s “Communion with Triune God.”


7/4/17 untitled


What a day? Was a two to three hour trip by jeepney and tricycle, the latter over very rough roads up east into central Luzon’s mountains to get to a river, going to be worth it? It surely was! Among amazing marble and limestone formations we swam in the crystal-clear water and the surrounding green-clad steep mountain jungle, watching speeding sand martins dart in and out of the craggy cliffs. Tinipak it is called. Nil and Dorothy have been so kind to take us around AND collect us and take us back home in case we get lost in the incredibly, busy Metro Manila. What was also good was fact we had some steep climbing up and down the gorge sides—my first real exercise since getting here.

Pictures-see FB pages!



Tues. 4/4/17 It was well nigh impossible to sleep on 14 hour flight, but at least with an isle seat I could stretch my legs! Manila is like West Indies, warm and humid 26 degrees. As I write I am surrounded by high rise hotels on the open top floor of Stone House hotel accessing internet. Sleep required!

5/4/17 Having been met and taken to B/B by Benilde and Dorothy (see welcome table) and their friendly taxi-driver, praise God caught up on sleep. Here are some views from top floor.  Some Lovely plants growing there.

Transportation-jeepneys and trikes!

Typical suburban street

 Weds 5/4/17. Standard of living is generally cheaper than UK. Petrol, food and drink about half our prices (1L petrol 50-60p), BUT gyms are a rip off asking me for 900-1200 pesos (£15-20) for one session! Wages are generally low, minimum seems to be about £25 a week (6,000 pesos a month).We toured the huge Farmers Market where every kind of food and utensil can be bought, exotic seafood, chicken legs, live eels, catfish etc. Picked a fish and had it cooked and battered and sauced for us (see pic). Lovely meal and fellowship with Nil, Dorothy and Sonny and Luz Umali, elder and wife from Berean PRC.

Piles of eggs at the Farmer’s Market.


Snooze time.

Our fish.

6/4/17  Visited with Nil and Dorothy with Dick Espiritu. Late afternoon to Cloud 9 to see all of Manila from high vantage point as sun went down. Pall of grey smog hung over the city. Dropped and broke camera, so no more pics from me! These two of our hotel and Nils house are courtesy of Google earth.

Nils house


7/4/17 Today an early start to travel to the Filipino equivalent of Glenarrif waterfalls.


Priority Prayers

What are the greatest needs in the world today?


For the church:

  • Labourers for the harvest field—Reformed ministers, elders and deacons, the former trained and sent by overseeing congregations/synod and the latter volunteering to move or raised up locally.
  • Supporting churches with prayer, oversight and finance.
  • Reformation in all departing churches.
  • Prayer, practical and financial support for the persecuted and starving.

For the world:

  • The gospel proclaimed personally, through Scripture distribution or through electronic means to make disciples of all peoples.
  • Conversion of men and women in power
  • Righteous laws
  • Acceptance of true asylum seekers and refugees.
  • The destruction of radical Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism and apostate Christianity.
  • The salvation of all the elect including among cults and all groups above.

Let me entertain you!

verb: entertain; 3rd person present: entertains; past tense: entertained; past participle: entertained; gerund or present participle: entertaining
  1. 1.
    provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment.
    “a tremendous game that thoroughly entertained the crowd”
    synonyms: amuse, divert, distract, delight, please, charm, cheer, beguile, interest, fascinate, enthral, engage, involve, occupy, absorb, immerse, engross, preoccupy, hold the attention of

    “he wrote his first stories to entertain his children”
    antonyms: bore
    • receive (someone) as a guest and provide them with food and drink.
      “a private dining room where members could entertain groups of friends”
      synonyms: receive, play host/hostess to, show hospitality to, invite to a meal/party, invite (round/over), ask (round/over), have (round/over), give someone a meal, throw a party for; More

      dine, wine and dine, feast, cater for, serve, feed, treat, welcome, host, fete
      “he often entertains foreign visitors at home”
      receive guests, have guests, play host/hostess, provide hospitality, have people round/over, have company, hold/throw a party, keep open house, have a dinner/lunch party
      “I expect you entertain a lot”
  2. 2.
    give attention or consideration to (an idea or feeling).
    “Washington entertained little hope of an early improvement in relations”
    synonyms: consider, give consideration to, take into consideration, think about, contemplate, give thought to, bear in mind; More

Entering Sabbath Rest

This is keeping the fourth commandment which we do because we love God.

Young Calvinists

The Lord’s Day is the New Testament fulfillment of the Old Testament Sabbath, the day of rest that God instituted at the close of the creation week. On this day God calls His people to rest; not merely to rest physically (though that is part of it), but to rest spiritually. This spiritual rest is an important dimension of our worship on the Lord’s Day. For that reason, we do well to think about Sabbath rest as we prepare ourselves for worship tomorrow.

The true idea of Sabbath rest is lost in much of the church today. On the one side, there are those who have taken the liberty to transform the Sabbath into a day for themselves. Rather than faithfully attend the corporate worship of the church, they are very willing to substitute “family time” or some other activity in place of church. That can be a temptation…

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John Owen in his masterful treatise on Communion with the Triune God teaches us just how we underestimate the blessed work of the Holy Spirit in us. “Without ME (and the Spirit is CHRIST IN ME) ye can do nothing.”

John Owen

“Now, our afflictions, our sins, and our obedience, with the attendances of them respectively, are the great concernments of our lives. What we are in reference unto God is comprised in them, and the due management of them, with their contraries, (necessitate) consolation from the Holy Ghost, that gives us a joyful issue throughout.  All the consolations of the Holy ghost consist in his acquainting us with, and communicating unto us, the love of the Father and the grace of the Son; we have our communion with the Father in his love, and the Son in his grace, by the operation of the Holy Ghost. By persuading us of the eternal and unchangeable love of the Father, he fills us with consolation.  (He communicates) the grace of Christ, — all the fruits of his purchase, all the desirableness of his person, as we are interested in him. He glorifies Christ by revealing his excellencies and desirableness to believers, as the “chiefest of ten thousand, — altogether lovely,” and then he shows them of the things of Christ, — his love, grace, all the fruits of his death, suffering, resurrection, and intercession: and with these supports their hearts and souls. And here, whatever is of refreshment in the pardon of
sin, deliverance from the curse, and wrath to come, in justification and adoption.

Froward, perverse, unthankful; grieving, vexing, provoking him. Yet in his love and tenderness does he continue to do us good. He knew what we were, and what we could do, and what would be our dealings with him, — he knew we would grieve him, provoke him, quench his motions, defile his dwelling-place; and yet he would come to be our comforter. Want of a due consideration of this great love of the Holy Ghost weakens all the principles of our obedience. ”

Now we better understand the benediction, ” Now the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”