Pursuit of Glory (7)


“All humanity is at war with God since the first act of treason.” Humans hate and fight each other, wars, genocide, killing the unborn and terrorism. God and Satan are at war, and since Satan cannot affect God he wars against God’s church.  Man has no peace internally (Isaiah 48:22) because of guilt. Perfect peace comes only with perfect love, the love in the trinity. Religion and good works cannot expunge guilt, neither the numbing effect of drugs or alcohol or the distraction of entertainment and pleasure.  Christ alone earned peace and righteousness for us. Reconciliation comes by faith  in his finished work and the acknowledgement we are vile depraved sinners who must repent.

Uncontrolled immigration’s consequences.

Sarah’s children taken away

Two weeks ago, we updated you on the case of ‘Sarah’ after Baroness Cox had asked the government how it would support survivors of Islamic sex-grooming gangs. We ask that you continue to cry out to God for justice, as it has now been revealed that Sarah’s two children – born to different members of the gang – have been taken away from her after social services declared Sarah an ‘unfit mother’, with the possibility of her youngest daughter being adopted by a Muslim family.


Sadly, Sarah’s case is not unique. So far, Muslim sex-groomers have been convicted in 27 towns and cities across the UK, with an estimated 250,000 young girls having been affected. But it seems that the government is unwilling to accept the Islamic connection, resulting in thousands of girls being “sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism“, as Tim Dieppe suggests. But until the government is willing to answer for its failures, the survivors of Islamic sex-grooming gangs will continue to fall through the cracks in the system. We must speak up for justice where the state will not.

The above is a prime reason why I post this below!

Britain First


Recently, thanks to Britain First complaints, a Remembrance Day parade was reinstated in Cornwall – a great victory.

Now we can use our combined might to help Paul Golding.

The police in Northern Ireland have arrested and charged Paul for handing out leaflets that oppose immigration.

Over 1,000 patriots have already sent complaints to apply pressure to the police to drop these ridiculous charges.

Click the button below to send your complaint – we all need to get involved to help Paul:

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