Redeemed with Judgment

Isaiah 43:4

“Since thou wast precious in my sight,
thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee:
therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.”

The Egyptians, Ethiopians, and Sabeans, were given for the people of Israel so, in New Testament times, the enemies of God’s people should be given for them; that is, their enemies should be destroyed, and they should be spared and saved; so that all Jews that rejected Christ, and persecuted his people, were given up to destruction. The Pagan empire was demolished, and so will Rome Papal too be destroyed, and the church of God will be preserved, and his interest revived, and all the kingdoms of the world become his; of which the conversions among the Gentiles in the first ages of Christianity were a pledge, prophesied of in the next words. John Gill.

Redeemed With Judgment, Volume 1

The Breaker

Micah 2:13

“The breaker up is come up before them”..
Not the enemy, either the Assyrian or Chaldean army, or any part thereof, going up before the rest, breaking down the walls of the city, either of Samaria or Jerusalem, so making way for entrance therein; The breaker is Christ, with respect to his incarnation, being the firstborn that opened the womb, and broke forth into the world in a very extraordinary manner; his birth being of a virgin, Pharez, Judah’s son sounds like Phorez (Heb:breaker) here, from his breaking forth before his brother, unawares, and contrary to expectation, ( Genesis 38:29 ) ; this agrees with Christ, with respect to his death, when he broke through and vanquished all enemies, sin, Satan, the world, and death; broke through all the troops of hell, and spoiled principalities and powers; and through all difficulties that lay in the way of the salvation of his people; he broke down the middle wall of partition, the ceremonial law which was between Jew and Gentile; and broke off the yoke of sin, Satan, and the law, under which they were, and set them at liberty; and at his resurrection he broke asunder the cords of death, and at his ascension he broke his way through the regions of the air, and legions of devils there, leading captivity captive, and entered into heaven; and was  “opening the way” for his people into it; by the ministry of the word, he broke his way into the Gentile world, conquering and to conquer, which was mighty, through God, for the pulling down of strong holds, and reducing multitudes to his obedience; at the conversion of every sinner he breaks open the everlasting doors of their hearts, and enters in; he breaks their rocky hearts in pieces, and then binds up what he has broken; and in the latter day he will break in pieces all his enemies as a potter’s vessel; yea, he will break in pieces and consume all the kingdoms of the earth, which will become like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors: and now he is ascended, or “gone up” to heaven to his Father there, and “before them” his sheep, his people, said to be assembled, gathered and put together; he is ascended as the forerunner of them, to receive gifts for them, and bestow them on them, and to prepare heaven for them, and to make intercession on their behalf; and, as sure as he is gone up, so sure shall they also follow: “they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it;” not either the Assyrians or Chaldeans; nor the people that fled with Zedekiah; but the sheep of Christ following him their Shepherd; who, in the strength of Christ, and the power of his grace, break out of their prison houses; and break off the yokes and fetters in which they have been detained, and all allegiance to former lords; and break through their enemies, and become more than conquerors through him that has loved them; and “pass through [him] the gate”; the strait gate, and narrow way, that leads to the Father, and to the enjoyment of all the blessings of grace; and into the sheepfold, the church, and the privileges of it; and even into heaven itself, eternal life and happiness: and by which also they “go out”, for he is a door of escape unto them out of the hands of all their enemies, and from wrath to come; and he is a door of hope of all good things unto them, and which leads to green pastures, and by which they go in and out, and find pasture: ” and their King shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them;” not the king of Assyria or Babylon, before their respective armies, the Lord God himself being in a providential way at the head of them, and succeeding them; nor Hoshea or Zedekiah, going before their people into captivity, the Lord having forsaken them; but the King Messiah, who is King of Zion, King of saints, that goes before his people as a king before his subjects, and as a shepherd before his flock; and who is the true Jehovah, the Lord our righteousness, who is at the head, and is the Head of his church; the Captain of their salvation, that is at the head of his armies, his chosen and faithful ones, they following and marching after him, ( Revelation 17:14 ) ( 19:14 ) .

Nebuchadnezzar humbled!

Nebuchadnezzar humbled!

Love is not proud

1 Corinthians 13:4, “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up”

King Nebuchadnezzar was a selfish, proud, careless monarch according to Daniel 4:27 and 30.

Boasting, puffing up yourself, exaggerating your self-importance and thinking yourself superior to others are not love but hate because exalting yourself naturally leads to others being put down. Practically speaking this is saying “look at me”, always wanting to be the centre of attention, using social media for that purpose, being always anxious to impress others and getting depressed if failing to do so. All this comes from a proud heart. Paul shows that pride and love are mutually exclusive. Our old man is the epitome of pride and our new man by the Spirit of Christ loves others in humility. If we want to glory (boast) we boast in the Lord we know and love.

Jesus Christ, the epitome of humility and love, sought the good of all his sheep and placed himself below us in the first instance dying an accursed death in our place and secondly washing our feet daily from our filthy sins. We love by serving one another practically as needs are known, sharing spiritual truth and praying for them.

“God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble”, James 4:6

God’s timetable

God’s timetable is Jewish! Christ was crucified at Passover, rose on First-fruits, poured out his spirit on Pentecost and personally I believe that he was born and have an inkling, though no man knows the day or hour, that he will return at Tabernacles!

God’s Attempt to Kill Moses

A topic I always wondered about!

God’s Attempt to Kill Moses

Question: “Why did God seek to kill Moses?

Exodus 4:24-26: “And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him, and sought to kill him.

So he let him go: then she said, A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.”

Moses had to flee and found his place in the Sinai peninsula in the home of Jethro. There he stayed for forty years tending Jethro’s sheep. During this period, he married Zipporah, Jethro’s daughter, and they had a son (Ex. 2:16-22). But now the time had come that God would save His people. So He sent Moses to Egypt to deliver Israel.

From Moses’ and Zipporah’s point of view, Moses was on the verge of being killed by God. And they both looked at what was happening from that perspective.

What lesson did He want to teach Moses and Zipporah? The answer is in the text itself. Jehovah’s apparent intention to kill Moses was forgotten when Zipporah circumcised Gershom, their son (Ex. 4:25-26). It all had to do with the circumcision of their son.

God had given Abraham the sign of circumcision when God established His covenant with Abraham (Gen. 17:7-14). Notice in this passage that Jehovah told Abraham that any of his descendants who did not circumcise their sons had broken God’s covenant and had to be cut off from Israel (14).

Moses knew God’s command to Abraham, but had nevertheless failed to observe it. One gets the impression from Zipporah’s anger in casting the foreskin at Moses feet and saying to him (twice in the text), “A bloody husband thou art to me,” that she had opposed it. Maybe, when Moses brought up the subject of Gershom’s circumcision, Zipporah objected. It was, perhaps, in her eyes, an unnecessary and mutilating act on her baby. Moses had not insisted. So Moses had broken God’s covenant!

Two very important truths are emphasized here. The first is that circumcision was the God-given sign and seal of the covenant because it pointed to the fact that Jehovah would establish His covenant and save His people in the line of generations. The second truth is that Abraham and all succeeding generations are saved and brought into God’s covenant only by the shedding of blood. Abraham’s seed was, centrally, Christ (Gal. 3:16). Only through Christ’s blood, that made perfect satisfaction for all the sins of God’s people, could Jehovah’s covenant be realized and salvation come.

To refuse to perform the rite of circumcision was to cast doubt on the coming of Christ and the efficacy of the cross. That is, it was a repudiation of salvation through the shedding of the blood of Jesus as the washing away of sins.

I do not know whether Zipporah’s refusal to have her son circumcised was due to the fact that she was born outside the line of the covenant. Though her father was certainly a priest and the worship of God was preserved in his family, she, if we may be charitable, did not understand the truth of God’s covenant. But Moses knew these things and he should have insisted. Moses broke God’s covenant and was worthy of death. How could one who had broken God’s covenant be the leader to deliver Jehovah’s covenant people from the bondage of Egypt? Moses was responsible to perform his covenantal obligation before he could be a proper instrument in God’s hand to lead His covenant people to Canaan.

Baptism has taken the place of circumcision (Col. 2:11-13Belgic Confession 34). Baptism is the New Testament sign and seal of God’s covenant, for it is the sign and seal of the great truth that God’s covenant is established with believers and their seed through the washing away of sin in the blood of Christ. It is a breaking of God’s covenant to refuse to baptize our children and it is a denial of the great truth that God saves His people in the lines of generations through the blood of Christ.

Let us not take God’s anger at Moses lightly. Let us not take the importance of baptizing our children lightly. And let us not deny that baptism is a sacrament that takes the place of circumcision, now that Christ has come. Prof. Hanko

Adapted from Covenant Reformed News April 2012

The Spirit B.C and A.D.

I have for a long time puzzled over this and read a fair bit but a recent F.B. challenge caused me to compile this short article-may it profit you!

A friend states, “The Holy Spirit was not given to the average person in OT times. Only the prophet, priest and king were anointed by the Holy Spirit for their offices”

Not true! Because election before the foundation of the world and the salvation it brings is a full package (Rom.8:29,30) that applies to saints in all ages and furthermore “If anyone has not the Spirit of Christ he is not his!” (Rom.8:9). Can you deny these saints belonged to him? One covenant of God in all of time to save his people and be their God for ever.

I grant you there was an extra anointing for prophet, priest and king-for service just as with Christ at his baptism and Pentecost for the disciples.

Yes, I grant you friend that the day of Pentecost was a big change: the Holy Spirit was poured out on ALL flesh, that is, all believers BUT the major change was that all nations were included instead of just Jews and supernatural gifts were given proving apostolic authenticity and as a sign to unbelievers. My friend states that, “He began to indwell believers so that they became His temple. Even the twelve did not have the indwelling of the Spirit during Jesus’ earthly ministry.” Wrong! They did! (John 20:22) and without the Spirit they would have had no desire to leave all and follow him, no faith, no fruit, no revelation which they all exhibited to some degree. Christ also explicitly states the Spirit in them would inspire them when they appeared before tribunals (Luke 12:11,12).

My friend goes on, “Now, why could not the Holy Spirit indwell people prior to the cross and ascension of Jesus? Because they weren’t born again, regenerated, in OT times.” Wrong! Regeneration is fundamental to salvation! They were regenerate and their lives prove it as do the Scriptures e.g. 1 Peter 1:11 “searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.” There is a long list of OT heroes of faith, all empowered by the Spirit.

God applies redemption prospectively and retrospectively from the Cross throughout all of redemptive time. Redemption includes regeneration, the gifts of repentance & faith, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Why do some think it a harder thing for God to apply redemption backwards through time from the Cross than forward? Jesus paid for the sins of believers who had not been born yet and had not actually committed those sins yet. God is not limited by time!

The indwelling Spirit causes the antithesis (conflict between Satan and Christ/God’s people) established in Genesis 3:15! Adam & Eve were elect and were regenerated mercifully by God at this time when the “proto-evangel” (first gospel message) was shared with them and God clothed them with the skin of a sacrificed animal.  The Spirit was also promised to believers’ covenant children: Isaiah. 44:3, “I will pour my Spirit upon your seed, and my blessing upon your offspring. They could also call God Father proving their adoption! Doubtless thou art our father, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledge us not: thou,Lord, art our father, our redeemer; thy name is from everlasting” Isaiah 63:16

“But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.” Isaiah 64:8

My friend states, “They technically, physically, still belonged to Satan because they were still under the law of Sin and Death prior to faith in Christ’s resurrection” RUBBISH! you are mixing up the Mosaic Law of the OT and the powerful law principle of sin and death that rules in all unregenerate people i.e. us prior to conversion! That is the law of sin and death Paul is talking about!

There is ONE CHURCH IN ALL OF TIME the true seed of Abraham comprising Jew and Gentile as per the teaching of Rom 4:11-16, Gal.3:7, Eph.1:4. Saint means called out and sanctified one, therefore saints OT and NT together comprise the EKKLESIA church and bride of Christ.

Faith is a fruit of the Spirit as is love, joy and peace-all these were evident in the OT saints. Note SAINTS because sanctified by the Spirit and part of his church! One church in all of time not divided by dispensations (there was the church in the wilderness see Acts 7:38! ” This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sinai, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us” Moses, Elijah, Abraham etc could not have been in glory and alive (two of whom appear with Christ on the mount) without the Spirit. The Spirit given by Christ as the Spirit of Christ as promised in John 16 with the outpouring of Acts 2 is richer in revelation but essentially the same Spirit as worked faith in the OT saints. The Spirit at any one time could only reveal truth in Christ according to what God had revealed in his word up till then (Spirit and Word* are bound together)-so we have them in the OT believing in the Christ of prophecy and sacrificial types whereas now we believe in the Christ who has come and completely revealed himself.

* Just as the Spirit’s whole raison d’etre is to glorify Christ, the incarnate WORD.

Our God is a Consuming Fire

Our God is a Consuming Fire

This phrase occurs thrice in Scripture:
Deuteronomy 4:24
For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.
This is said in the context of the sin of God’s people where they are threatened with destruction if they become idolatrous, which they did!

Deuteronomy 9:3
Understand therefore this day, that the Lord thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face: so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the Lord hath said unto thee.
This is in the context of the imminent conquest of Canaan where God promises to destroy the heathen by the Israelites under Joshua.

Hebrews 12:29
for our God is a consuming fire.
This final use is in the context of the destruction of the known universe at the end of the world when sin, all the polluted work of men and the earth and created universe will be burnt up and renewed in perfection under the Lord Jesus Christ.
Taking them together it can be seen that God, as a consuming fire, destroys his and his people’s enemies and ultimately so in hell. This needs to be distinguished from a purifying fire as in other places where he purges his people of their sin (Mal.3:3, Acts 15:9,Tit.2:14).  Noteworthy that the burning bush representing the Jews in Egypt and now adopted by presbyterian churches worldwide, were aflame with persecution but NOT CONSUMED just like the three men in Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace.


However he also threatens destruction to those who call themselves his, but prove to be otherwise i.e. hypocrites, as was seen in the wilderness wanderings. All these instances reveal his utter holiness, holiness that burns in wrath to consume sin, sinners and a sin-blighted creation! I should add that the consumption of sin in his people and creation is absolute  and once for all BUT for the reprobate wicked the destruction is everlasting and they continue to be wicked-what a terrible fate, no annihilation! (Matthew 25:46, Revelation 22:11).

Biblical Numerology


1) Symbolizes the unity of God (there is one God) (Deut. 6:4; 1 Cor. 8:4: Gal. 3:20). The number also represents the unity between the Father and the Son (Jn. 10:30), the singular sacrifice of Christ, and Christ’s being the one Mediator and Shepherd (1 Tim. 2:5; Jn. 10:16).
2) Symbolizes the duality of man, consistent of both spirit and flesh (Gal. 5:16-18). The number two also represents the union of two parties, the verification of two witnesses (Mk. 6:7-13; 1 Tim. 5:19), the union between Christ and the church (1 Cor. 12), and the Old and New Testaments. The number two can also represent comparison and contrast between two things.
3) Symbolizes the triune nature of God. By no surprise, three can also represent completeness. Three may also represent God’s perfect design as there are three heavens (2 Cor. 12:2), three time frames (past, present, future), three points of measurement (beginning, middle, end), three kinds of sacrifice (sin, peace, and praise), three kinds of laws (moral, ceremonial, and civil), three things that were placed in the Ark of the Covenant (Ten Commandments, Aaron’s staff, and a jar of manna), three gifts of grace (faith, hope, and love), and three parts to salvation (justification, sanctification, and glorification).
4) Symbolizes the creative work of God and universal truth: 4 corners of the earth (Rev. 7:1); 4 rivers of Paradise (Gen. 2:10); 4 winds of heaven (Jer. 49:36); 4 acts of judgment (Ezek. 14:21—sword, famine, evil beasts, and pestilence); 4 horsemen (Rev. 6); and 4 winds (Matt. 24:31); and four guardians of God’s throne.
5) Represents God’s goodness and grace upon humanity and teaching. There are two divisions of five in the Ten Commandments; five offerings given to God (Burnt—Lev. 4; Sin—Lev. 4; Trespass—Lev. 5:14-19; Grain—Lev. 2; and Peace—Lev. 3); the five divisions of Psalms; and the five books of the Law (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy).
6) Represents the fallen nature of humanity. God created human beings on the 6th day. Six days were given to work. 666 is the number of Satan. Babylon used heximal system of counting (see Ezek .40:6, Daniel 3:1) and represents the antichristian world rule of antichrist.
7) 7 is one of the most important numbers in the Bible. It symbolizes completion, perfection, God’s covenant and rest. God finished creation in 7 days. There are 7 great land masses. 7 colors of the rainbow. 7 notes make a perfect scale. 7 days in the feast of Passover. 7 weeks between Passover and Pentecost. 7 days for the Feast of Tabernacles. God had 7 covenants with humanity (Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Levitic, Davidic, and Messianic). In Revelation, one finds 7 churches, 7 letters, 7 candlesticks, 7 stars, 7 angels, 7 Spirits of God, 7 Seal Judgments, 7 horns, 7 eyes on the Lamb, 7 trumpets, 7 thunders, 7 mountains, 7 bowls, 7 kings, and so on.
8) The number eight is also of great importance as it symbolizes new life, resurrection, a new covenant, and new beginnings. God spoke 8 words to bring forth creation (Gen. 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26). Jesus rose on the 8th day—the first day of the week (Sun. Apr. 5, 33 AD). Eight people were resurrected besides Jesus’s own resurrection. If you take the numerical value of Jesus’s name, it comes to 888.
9) Nine, a multiple of three, symbolizes the finality of faith or divine completeness. Christ died in the ninth hour (3 pm). Yom Kippur occurs on the 9th day of the 7th month (Lev. 23:32). The fruit of the Spirit consists of nine qualities (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control—Gal. 5:22-23).
10) Like 7, 10 symbolizes completion. For instance, there were Ten Commandments. In the end times, 10 kingdoms will exist. 10 spies were sent out (Num. 13:32). 10 men were needed to form a quorum in the Sanhedrin.
11) Represents chaos, disorder, and judgment. The number 11 is used twenty-four times in Scripture and “11th” can be found 19 times, all denoting chaos. John saw 11 things connected to the final judgment (Rev. 20:12-14).
12) Another major number in Scripture, 12 symbolizes God’s government. God brought about 12 tribes from Jacob’s 12 sons. There are 12 lunar cycles corresponding to 12 months of one year. Jesus called 12 apostles (Matt. 10:2-4). 12 is seen quite frequently in Revelation.
14) Implies a double measure of spiritual perfection due to the fact that it is seven doubled and that there are three sets of 14 generations in Jesus’s lineage.
20) May imply a time of waiting. Jacob had to wait 20 years to marry his wives and be freed from Laban’s control.
21) May imply great wickedness and sin. Advocates hold that Satan is released on the 21stday of the seventh Hebrew month at the end of time. Satan will rise and will finally be defeated once and for all.
22) May imply disorder, chaos, and disorganization since 22 is 11 doubled.
23) May imply evil. Jezebel, an evil woman, is mentioned 23 times compared to Eve who is referenced 19 times.
24) Implies priesthood and the worship of God. 24 is a multiple of 12. David divided into 24 divisions (1 Chron. 24).
25) Implies grace doubled. In Ezekiel’s vision of the future temple, which was seen in the 25thyear of captivity (Eze. 40:1), he gives 5 measurements of the temple which are 25 cubits long (Eze. 40:13, 21, 25, 29-30).
30) Represents a person’s calling. Aaronic priests were dedicated at 30 years of age. Jesus was around the age of 30 when he began his 3 ½ year ministry (Lk. 3:23).
33) May imply the promises of God. Often, 33 may be linked with divine judgment. 33 is the numeric equivalent of the term amen. Other links are found with 33 in the 33rd use of a particular name in Scripture (e.g., 33rd time Abraham is mentioned, he had Isaac).
40) Symbolizes testing and trials. Genesis notes that it rained 40 days and 40 nights upon the earth during the time of Noah’s testing. Moses was in Egypt 40 years, in Midian 40 years, and served God 40 years. Moses was on Mt. Sinai 40 days as God gave him the law. Saul, David, Solomon, and Josiah ruled for 40 years. Israel was in the wilderness 40 years. Jesus fasted in the wilderness 40 days. Jesus taught his disciples for 40 days following his resurrection.
42) Symbolizes the antichrist and time cut short. The antichrist will be allowed to have authority for 42 months (Rev. 13:4-5) half of 7 years.
50) Symbolizes power, celebration, and joy. The Year of Jubilees came on the 50th year (Lev. 25:10). Pentecost occurred 50 days after Jesus’s resurrection, was on the 50th day after the first harvest of grain, and was the time that the Holy Spirit filled believers with his presence. David has a connection with 50 in 2 Samuel 24.
70/72) Symbolizes human leadership and judgment. Moses appointed 70 elders (Ex. 24:1). The Sanhedrin consisted of 70 men. Jesus chose 70 or 72 disciples (Lk. 10:1). Jesus told Peter to forgive 70 times 7.
120 Implies a divine time of waiting. 120 disciples were gathered when Matthias was chosen as Judas’s replacement (Acts 1:14-26). God gave a 120 year period to allow humanity to repent of their evil before engaging in judgment against them (Gen. 6:1-3).

153) May imply God’s overflow of blessing as it is linked with the 153 fish that were caught at one of Jesus’s resurrection appearances (Jn. 21:11).
200) May imply insufficiency. Achan sinfully takes 200 shekels of silver in Jericho (Josh. 7). The Romans escort Paul from Jerusalem to Caesarea with 200 soldiers (Acts 21-23).
390) Represents separation. Ezekiel is commanded to lie on his side for 390 days to represent Israel’s sins and separation (Eze. 4:1-5).
400) May imply a divine time period (time Jews in Egypt)
666) Symbolizes the antichrist and the kingdoms of humanity opposing God. 666 is oddly a triangular number, thus representing a counterfeit trinity. The number is identified as the mark of the beast in Revelation 13:18.
1000) Symbolizes a long time period and the conclusion of a time. Jesus ascended rules in “the millenium” a symbolic time frame between his first and second comings at the end of which Satan will launch one last effort against Christ that will prove fatal for Lucifer (Rev. 19:16; 20:4, 6).
144,000) Symbolizes totality and the church. David’s army consisted of 12 sets of 144,000 in 1 Chronicles 27. More indicative of the numerical meaning is the reference of 144,000 end-time believers whom God saves from the tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:4-9).
More numbers could be given. However, the numbers mentioned in this article represent the most impressive numbers symbolized in the Bible. The intricate detail of Scripture and the numerical connections add to the impressive revelation that is found in God’s word.

Adapted from:

The Breastplate

10 And they set in it four rows of stones: the first row was a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this was the first row.11 And the second row, an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond.12 And the third row, a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst.13 And the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper: they were inclosed in ouches of gold in their inclosings.14 And the stones were according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names, like the engravings of a signet, every one with his name, according to the twelve tribes.

Exodus 39.

24 For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us: Hebrews 9.

19 Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,

20 By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;

21 And having an high priest over the house of God;

22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrews 10.