Britains Culture of Death

Britain’s Culture of Death

K.V. Turley has written for Crisis Magazine calling Britain a ‘waste land’. Highlighting abortion clinic buffer zones, Alfie Evans’ treatment by the judiciary, and the recent landmark of 50 years of abortion in the UK, Turley says: “In a country where the idea of individual rights is a mantra endlessly recited, there is one right that must never be talked of… the right to life for the child as yet unborn. Seemingly, now, the shadow of the Culture of Death envelops: the weak, the elderly, the defenseless, even the dying.”

Against Euthanasia:


Donegal day

Very eventful day. Heard a lot about Donegal but never really seen much of it. Well today travelled through the wild moorland and snow-capped mountains as far as Annagry where I delivered a medium-sized (3 foot) iguana with her dismantled enclosure, journey of 3 hours and then 2 hours to put enclosure back together and here she is!-named Sarah by her new owner.

Saw and eagle enjoying soaring and swooping on the way back home across the barren moors between the stunning white peaks of Errigal, Mt. Muckish and Glenveagh National Park.

Couldn’t have done it without Richard Potter’s roomy green Jungle van!

Image of God?


The vast majority of Christians believe that man is in the image of God. Man WAS made in the image of God in the creation but is fallen man still a bearer of God’s image?

Emphatically NOT. Christ said of the unbelieving Jews,” Ye are of your father, the devil.” Is Satan in God’s image or his children? Fallen man has taken on the image of Satan and has nothing left of God’s image, not even an eternal soul, rationality, conscience or a will which the fallen angels still possess. Many large and well-known Christian organisations such as Answers in Genesis, the Christian Institute and Christian Concern (in the UK) believe in the sanctity of life BECAUSE man is in the image of God STILL. Not true! The image of God Scripture tells us consists knowledge (of God), righteousness and true holiness (Eph. 4:24, Col.3:10), this fallen man does not possess. Life is sacred because of man’s original dignity.This message deals with all the relevant passages:

Only one inhabited planet–Earth!

I’m not the first Christian to wonder why and be amazed at the fact God is playing out his seismic spiritual warfare on this tiny planet!-JK                                                                  Herman Bavinck: “The earth may be a thousand times smaller than many other planets; in an ethical sense it is and remains the centre of the universe. It is the only place fit to be the dwelling place for higher beings. Here the kingdom of God has been established; here the struggle between light and darkness is being waged; here, in the church, God is preparing for himself an eternal dwelling. From this earth, therefore, we will continue to look up from where, both in a physical and an ethical sense, the rain and the sunshine and the increase will have to come, without imagining that we are thereby determining the place of heaven in an astronomic sense or know its precise location in the universe. To say, however, that scientific investigation has robbed God and the angels of their place of residence is absurdly superficial … To our limited vision, the universe with its measureless spaces is still one vast mystery; and one who does not find God in his or her immediate presence, in his or her heart and conscience, in the word and the Christian community, will not find him in the universe either, even though he equips himself with the best telescope that money can buy “(Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 2 [God and Creation], p. 485).

From Limerick Reformed Fellowship bulletin Feb.4th 2018.

Who are in the image of God?



All men are the image of God according to modern woolly evangelical theology. Is this Biblical? It is the view of many organisations like the Christian Institute, Christian Concern and Answers in Genesis. But for starters fallen mankind makes images and worship them (Rom.1:23)!

We must first define the image of God.

 The image of God according to Scripture is firstly Jesus Christ (II Cor.4:4, Col.1:9, Heb.1:3) secondly pre-fall humanity (Gen.1:26-27, Gen.9:6) and thirdly all believers renewed in knowledge, righteousness and true holiness (Col.3:10, Eph.4:24, Rom.8:29). The image of God equates to the likeness of God (I Cor.11:7, Col.1:15) and the glory of God (I Cor.11:6)! Unregenerate man is totally depraved and in the image of the devil, God’s image having been totally lost in the fall.

It is not morality, rationality, personality, spirituality, language or memory, intellect, will and conscience, or power over creation. These are the characteristics of man (in distinction from the image of God or the qualities of animals) and, even Satan and the fallen demons have these endowments! Are they the image, likeness and glory of God? There is no scriptural basis for these qualities being the image of God.

Totally depraved fallen man does not possess the knowledge of God which Christ defines as having eternal life (John 17:3) and for sure, fallen man does not possess righteousness or true holiness, in fact unregenerate wicked man hates God….can we rightly say he is in the image of God…absolutely not! Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, Dawkins?

All those bearing God’s image are sons of God-the incarnate Son, Adam God’s first human son (Luke 3:38) and believers as adopted sons (I John 3:1).

To believe in an image of God in unregenerate man usually is held alongside a common grace for all men which is also erroneous.

For detailed proof of the above: 

Standard Bearer May 15th 2017 p376

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