Creation is an elegant book

All creation teaches the believer. All green plants need water and light, The believer is likened to a plant, born again from an incorruptible seed of the word of God, then needing daily the light of the knowledge of God in Christ (from the Scriptures) and the water of the grace of the Holy Spirit (pray for grace) to be like the tree in Psalm 1.

Slemish and the Devil’s Marbles

Slemish mountain (1290 feet) near Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Slemish is a volcanic plug just like Edinburgh Castle rock, an outcrop of hard granite that has been extruded from the earth’s inner core ( called magma or molten rock) as a vertical vent (see pic ) which has then resisted weathering and erosion especially by rain while the surrounding sedimentary rocks and soil have been eroded (washed away) leaving it upstanding.


Devil’s marbles

Answers in Genesis account


Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are experiencing an unprecedented heatwave with top temperatures near the Irish record of 33.3C in 1887. To prevent burning limit yourself to 20 minutes in the sun with a high factor 20-50 sun cream and hat (especially if short on hair!) If you are fair or a red head better keep covered up! Drink cool sweet liquids.

How does your body regulate temperature?*

Temperature is a function of heat production and heat loss. When we get too warm heat loss must be increased. Normal body temp is 35.5 to 37.5C. If your core (inside) temperature goes above this body chemical processes are affected and nerves can’t function (why you feel weak and tire easily in the heat). Heat exhaustion (which I experienced on the Sea of Galilee marathon 1990) is lack of fluid and temperature over 40C. You feel faint and may collapse. Above 41 or 42C you get heat stroke and may die! This has often happened to army recruits made to yomp (a running march) during exercises on Dartmoor.

This little part of the brain is where temperature is regulated. It receives information from heat sensors in skin, nose and mouth as well as detecting the temperature of blood flowing into it. Inside it there is a heat-losing and heat-promoting centre. When we get too hot it sends impulses to blood vessels to dilate (veins) and to sweat glands to make sweat which evaporates and cools us (up to 2L an hour!). This centre is vital to survival, put in place by the divine creator. Babies can’t sweat like adults so are more liable to heat stroke.

* Acknowledging article by Randy Guliuzza in Bible League Quarterly Oct 2010.