Are you growing in the Knowledge of God?

“It becomes one who is called to be a soldier, to excel in the art of war. It
becomes a mariner, to excel in the art of navigation. It becomes a physician, to
excel in the knowledge of those things which pertain to the art of physic. So it
becomes all such as profess to be Christians, and to devote themselves to the
practice of Christianity, to endeavour to excel in the knowledge of divinity.

Jonathan Edwards


The Word

A light to give direction in life and enlightenment about God and his ways

A hammer to break down hard hearts and opposition to God

A sword to pierce hearts, to excise sin and the superfluous tissues (issues of life)

Pasture to spiritually feed all God’s flock

Water to quench the thirst of those seeking righteousness

Fire to burn away dross and sin in our lives

Are you reading it methodically?

See Bible Reading Plan post. Link

Martin Luther on Reading Scripture

“We should and must by all means read Scripture. For it was put into letters and was constantly preserved in the church through the special dispensation of God (and will also remain in the church until the end of the world) that we might read, learn, and constantly
further and spread the Word on and on, to children’s children. Now we at all times find disciples and pupils enough who read and study in the Scriptures and so grow in their understanding that in the course of time they are able also to instruct others from it. But the matter of greatest importance is that the readers of Scripture are not only diligent but also faithful. This is what the Lord means here when He says: “How readest thou?” What do you learn? He says in effect: See to it that you by all means read Scripture faithfully and
that you rightly divide the Word of truth, that is, that you look for nothing in it for your person except Me,without whom no one comes to the Father, and that from Scripture you teach this to others. For there are many who seek their personal interests in the Word,
namely, how to obtain temporal goods and honor by it and how to enjoy a great reputation in the world, considering godliness a trade, as St. Paul says (I Tim.6:5). But woe to these.”

And Scripture is a package, we cannot reject any part of it! It is all the word of Christ-JK

From Standard Bearer 1/11/2017 RFPA

The Promise of God

We read of many promises of God (II Peter 1:4) but in essence they are all wrapped up in Jesus Christ-he is the fulfilment of every Promise (II Cor.1:20). The covenant is made with Christ and thus all the elect in him.

He is the promised Messiah (Gen. 3:15). The “mother promise” where God promises the antithesis, the emnity between Christ (and all his people) and Satan and hence assumes his friendship with God. ” I will be your God (unconditional not depending on any human condition). He fulfils the promises to Abraham of righteousness, multiplied seed, a people who would be redeemed from slavery, a land, and a seed who would bless all nations (Gen.12:2, 15:5,7,13,14 22:18, Acts 26:6, Gal.3:18). He is Abraham’s righteousness (Rom.4:3), gives him seed in great number (all believers) and gives him the inheritance of a new heaven and earth, of which Canaan was a type (Heb.11:8-10). As Abraham’s spiritual children we too inherit all the promises (Heb.6:12-17). The Siniaitic covenant is also of grace added to lead us to Christ. The Noahic covenant extended it to include the cosmos.

He is the promise of salvation or eternal life (Acts 16:31, 2:39, II Tim.1:1, I John 2:25, Heb.9:15) to all who repent and believe.

The promised Spirit who is poured out is His Spirit (Luke 24:49) who personally enables us to persevere and inherit the promises to come (Heb.10:36). Abraham and the Old Testament faithful looked forward to Christ’s coming but never actually saw it (Heb.11:13,33) we look back on it as history, but whether faith is prospective or retrospective, all are partakers of all the blessings that are wrapped up in him.

The Lord God is a Sun

Everything in creation teaches us about the creator and glorifies him.

What does the sun do?

Heat-without it being the exact distance (93 million miles) from earth the planet would either be frozen or to hot for life. Heat burns and our God is a consuming fire who consumes sin and will one day destroy this sin-cursed planet and also  all his enemies eternally in hell. The gospel of the love of God comforts (warms) the heart of the believer.

Light-without the full spectrum, especially ultra-violet, there would be no plant and hence no animal life at all. The spectrum of light seen in the rainbow reflects all God’s wonderful attributes. God and Christ are often, if not always, portrayed as being brilliant white as light, in fact unapproachable light (and heat) that would destroy any human coming near! Christ enlightens our minds to see the Kingdom of God and sheds light on our pilgrim path through life. Without divine enlightenment we are in darkness.

Healing-UV light metabolises bilirubin, the waste product of dead red cells that produces jaundice in the newborn, which can damage the brain. It is also used in many skin therapies. Christ heals many of our diseases and sanctifies us spiritually from spiritual sickness till one day his church will be presented without spot or wrinkle.

In that new creation there will be no sun! (Rev.21:23). Why? The Son is the Sun!

Christ is called the sun of righteousness (Malachi 4:2) who arises with healing in his wings.

Holiness to the Lord

Exodus 28: 38.b874f448a16dcaf1363db4e73b09f3de untitled-png-2

And the golden plate shall be upon Aaron’s forehead, the plate of gold, with the inscription on it, holiness to the Lord, that Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy things, which the children of Israel shall hallow in all their holy gifts; this supposes that the sacrifices of the children of Israel, were attended with sin and blame, either in the matter of their offerings and gifts, or in the manner in which they brought them; and which through the high priest having this plate of gold, with the above inscription on it, were expiated; they were bore away from them, and were not placed to their account. There is sin in the best performances of the saints; there is not a just man that does good, but he sins in doing that good; the best righteousness of men is imperfect, and attended with sin; and this cannot be borne, or taken away by themselves; if God should mark such sins as these, they could not stand before him; now Christ, their High Priest, bears and takes away these, along with all others, which are laid upon him, and borne by him:

Belgic Confession 24

“for we do no work but what is polluted by our flesh, and also punishable; and although we could perform such works, still the remembrance of one sin is sufficient to make God reject them. Thus then we would be continually vexed, if (we) relied not on the merits of the suffering and death of our Saviour. ” (abridged)


Feast of Tabernacles

In the days of Ezra and Nehemiah (Nehemiah 8) there was a great reformation of true religion as over 42,000 returned exiles worshipped the God of Israel in Jerusalem. They kept the feast of Tabernacles in the 7th month for eight days from the 15th day onwards.images

It was a harvest feast and commemorated their pilgrimage through the wilderness when both they and the ark of God dwelt in tents.


As with every Jewish feast it pointed to Christ. John 1:14 literally reads that God incarnate dwelt among us “tabernacled” among us. Many believe Christ was born at this season of the year, NOT Xmas!


A sukkah or booth.


The feast also has a future fulfilment in the great ingathering of God’s elect people at the end of the world, many believe the second coming will be at tabernacles season, when he will usher in eternity, and God in Christ will forever tabernacle with his people, he and his church will be one at the great marriage supper of the lamb (and interestingly many Jewish weddings are held under a sukkah).


Lessons from David’s handover to Solomon.

I Chronicles 28 and 29 are full of blessed instruction and promise as David hands over all he has to his son.

Surely his admonition in 28:9 is ours for our children.

He gives godly advice and promises to him (vv9 and 20), practical guidance that came from God (v12), massive material provision (v14ff) including David’s personal gifts (29:3), the people were all willing (v21), the preparation had been made (29:2), the whole ceremony was undergirded by praise and prayer (29:10ff), the outcome for Solomon (at least initially) was prosperity (29:23) and peace (Solomon’s name).


It seems to me these chapters typify the perfect provision and preparation that God the Father made for his Son Jesus Christ for his coming to earth and carrying out all his work of redemption to the letter. He indeed was the one who would be King of Israel, God’s people, for ever, and build the everlasting temple that he would inhabit namely the church.


Resurrection blessing.

“…and he lift up his hands, and blessed them” (Luke 24:50).


In this chapter two phrases stand out, “their eyes were opened”, that is Cleopas and his friend as they sat with Christ at supper and “then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures” (the disciples a short time later). There is a close link between the illumination granted and the blessing he bestowed.
“The lifting up of his hands (before he ascended) was like Aaron, his type, who lifted up his hands towards the people of Israel, and blessed them, when he had offered the offerings for them, ( Leviticus 9:22 ) so Christ, as the great high priest, having offered himself a sacrifice for the sins of his people, lift up his hands towards his apostles, and blessed them in an authoritative way, by bestowing blessings upon them: he blessed them with a larger measure of the Spirit; for though they were to wait some few days longer for the extraordinary effusion of the Spirit, yet, in the mean while, they received from him more of it than they had formerly had; for he breathed upon them, and said, receive the Holy Ghost, ( John 20:22 ) . He blessed them with larger measures of grace, and with more spiritual light, and understanding into the Scriptures of truth, and with much inward peace of mind, and with the fresh discoveries of pardoning love; and which seemed necessary, since by their conduct towards him, one by denying him, and the rest by forsaking him, the peace of their minds was broken, and they needed a fresh application of forgiving grace.”*

This is surely what we all need. Let us pray for it and for each other (Luke 11:13).

*John Gill commentary.

My words will not pass away.

What is your attitude to Scripture (the Bible)? Do you pick at it and say that’s not for me or that’s for a bygone age? Has it been changes since written? Christ emphatically teaches that from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 his words are unchanging and eternal and must be accepted as authoritative comparing Scripture with Scripture. To reject his words, and I am particularly thinking of the New Testament, is to reject him! Christians should be confident that in their hands they have the unchanging word of God. And we believe the King James is the most accurate English translation.

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