London trip.

After a delay of over an hour Ryanair flight took off and part of a rainbow could be seen as we flew over Lough Neagh-God keeps his promises!

The journey to my accommodation was fraught, with my satnav taking me to the wrong Salisbury Road! Eventually, having walked several miles, and having a Macflurry en route, I had to take a taxi and got there well after 7pm having seen two urban foxes in the space of half an hour en route. The room is a garret (top loft) with headroom only at one side but very warm, with two bathrooms and kitchen.

Woke with a sore stiff back-may it loosen off. How will trip across London to the Olympic park go? Race is 1440hrs at Olympic velodrome.

Records tumble at the Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships 2019

After a long wait, got the needed weight (under 75Kg) and raced….gave Eric, the Irish Record holder from Coleraine a good race and got silver medal in mens 65-69 lightweight men. For last 50-100m there was only 5 metres in it and so he finished a second ahead of my time of 1m37.9s.

 To see photo of medallists in my event click on find BRIC page cache 17 and see picture 0711.

BRIC 2019 Results

Impressions of London-incredibly cosmopolitan-languages, shops etc, amazing infrastructure e.g. trains and buses, building projects with massive cranes everywhere, unseemly side-teenagers running around half dressed, peoples’ belongings thrown onto the street, people sleeping rough and begging, litter!

Lord’s Day-made it early to the vicinity of St.John’s Church of England (continuing) one of only four churches in that seceding denomination (1995). Did not realise they met in a small triangular room in an old folks home but I saw Rev. Peter Ratcliffe walking the short distance from his home and so I knew the satnav was actually true.

Blessed day in the company of Rev. Peter Ratcliffe and his wife Sandra, two services separated by a lovely lunch followed by wet and wild walk through Colliers Wood by River Wandle where parakeets could be heard and seen.

Peter and Sandra Ratcliffe.

Wetlands by River Wandle.

The small congregation of St. John’s C of E continuing  included other visitors including folk from Doagh visiting to take care of issues after a family death. Now can I make it to SE15 to meet Marie Isabel at 8am tomorrow?

Monday viewed flat that Marie Isabel is in process of buying-small, but nice, warm, in a good area of Peckham. Afternoon took train to Brighton and dined at Kirsty’s vegan pub and spent some time with her. Took dog on shingle  beach then back to London.

Tuesday-last day in London. “Where there’s a will”…… got free pass into DW Fitness gym in Harringay and rowed and pumped iron! Now to make my way to Gatwick and flight home tonight.

Reflection on my medical career 1977-2017

Revelation 1:7 reads, “I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last:”, so the glorified ascended Lord Jesus Christ introduces himself to John as the initiator and creator of all things and the conclusion and goal of all things also.


When I was faced with my university application form back in 1970, though not a believer, my heartfelt tears and cry for help to Jesus were answered when providentially I was led to apply for medicine at Edinburgh university. During my undergraduate studies I was converted and started attending a true church. My medical career encompassed many specialties initially, all in the Glasgow area from 1977 till 1993, then a job move to Bournemouth saw me devote myself to Emergency Medicine there for the next 15 years. Sadly no true church in Bournemouth so when a job arose in Belfast near enough to Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena I applied and got the job. Having retired from full time work in ED at Belfast Royal in 2012 I continued doing locums till 27th January this year when I retired fully.

Medical life has not been easy and there have been many humiliating circumstances but I have derived a lot of satisfaction and enjoyed good relations with many colleagues. With no pressure now to earn more or cover empty shifts I can devote myself to, roughly in order of priority:

  • Fellowship with my covenant divine friend (Bible, prayer, studies, good books, periodicals)
  • Church work (caretaking, deacon, treasurer, writing)
  • Family home and Joseph’s business with animals
  • Keeping fit                                                                                                                                                                                   The Lord started my medical career, carried me through it, and now has brought it to an end so I thank him.
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Ballymena Blog

Afternoon shooting and tea with George and Hannah Wilkinson near Cullybackey.


We shot at anthracite balls at 50, 80 and 120 metres coated with paint to look like eggs-they burst with a puff of black dust!

After supper we discussed revelation. Things are revealed to one or more of our senses. Since God is invisible to all our physical senses (I Tim.6:16) he must reveal himself in other general ways which he does by his work of creation (its beauty, intricacy, order, size), in history, in our consciences and specially in the written down Holy Scriptures. Most graphically God is revealed in Christ of the Scriptures (John 1:18). That the infinite God who made galaxies should reveal himself to miniscule creatures and wicked ones at that is a marvel! (From D.A.G below).


Daily three of these little critters need fed and boy their claws are sharp!


Ballymena Blog

August 17th.

Picked up Kirsty from airport at 9am.

Reminded of important duty of prayer in article from SaltShakers (by Andrew Tan) Below

Click to access ss_32.pdf

Encouraging time of exercise at Leisure Centre with a powerful row of 328metres in 1 minute (10th in world M60 HWT) plus some hill sprints at Mote Hill.


Joseph worked all day at Jungle World and sold one of the racoons we’ve been hand rearing-one down, three to go.


Started devotions in Doctrine According to Godliness.

Ballymena Blog


Dark Hedges beach trees are 300 years old!


Ballintoy was being lashed by big waves today when we visited. Some coasteering guys were having fun as the waves poured over them. Islay and Mull of Kintyre clearly seen. Our God is mightier than all the waves of the sea (Psalm 93:4).

First time I’d seen a couple of these birds-a Rock Pipit untitled

Ballymena Blog


Highlight and lowlight of the day in quick succession. Lowlight-scammers attempted to defraud us of money purporting to fix errors/warnings on PC saying they represented MICROSOFT and then asking for credit/debit card details BEWARE. They always have an Indian accent. They will spend hours remotely accessing your PC and then take money from your account. Thank the Lord it was stopped. The sophisticated wickedness of mankind!

Highlight-devotions in I Samuel 25, an exciting chapter full of action, characters and lessons. David, Nabal and Abigail with men described floridly as those who “piss against the wall!”



1) Leave vengeance to God (also Romans 12:19).

2) Give when asked (Matthew 5:42) so long as it’s a right cause.

3) Polygamy is sinful (Genesis 2:24).

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Well Trinidad was fab but it’s nice to be back in the COOL! No sweating all the time in over 30C heat, numerous showers daily, looking for air conditioning! Nice to have fresh milk too.

The garden is ship shape–here are some of the blooms we came home to..


Got back running at ANTRIM PARKRUN–a really nice run through the gardens there (see pic below).


We are now hosts to Joseph’s cousin Chris whom you may have seen in Trinidad pics, if not here he is..


Men’s Bible Study tonight and back in public worship tomorrow. Catching up with church finances will be FUN!!