Dominican Republic/Trinidad


View from balcony.

Sunday July 19th 2015

Early start to get morning flight to Trinidad. Admired once again the amazing thatched roof of Punta Cana airport (pic to follow). Uneventful flight and usual nice views of Trinidad coming in. Nephew Angus kindly met us and drove us along the highway, over the poorly surfaced bumps and holes of centre section and relatively straight run through the coconut plantation to Mayaro and “home”.

Reflections on Dominican Republic: Some things were clearly overpriced (i.e. a “rip-off”) namely DVDs of activities like dolphins and buggies, everything on sale at airport. Very “off-putting” were people looking to get tips for doing everything from guide to carrying cases. No free internet at a big hotel resort! Positives: the place–accommodation, food, service, facilities e.g. gym.


Artefacts on sale everywhere!



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Saturday July 18th 2015

Up a bit later. Off to gym–treadmill, elliptical trainer and weights, met a Colombian aiming to do a triathlon but who like me is a poor swimmer. Lovely lunch (as ever). Off in open bus to Dune Buggy Ride some 40 minutes away. It was an hour and a half that was DUSTY, BUMPY, SPEEDY and good fun with stops at a beach for a quick dip, then a very low tech farm that produced coffee, cocoa, honey, coconut oil, oregano etc. and finally a deep limestone cave with a cool pool  to jump in but with hundreds of buggy drivers coming and going to the small pool at the bottom of steps it was chaos! The major drawback of this kind of holiday is MASS PRODUCTION!







I found swimming face mask best for keeping dust out of eyes!


The Buggies–there were hundreds of them!



The beach at Macao.



The cave.

Some of the products at farm. IMG_4515[1] Cocoa beans


An aphrodisiac mixture of rum, red wine, honey and special tree bark chips.


Honey, coconut oil and vanilla.






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Up very early. Breakfast then some time in the word (Book on James) and prayer. Gym session. Shower. Off to Manati Park a half hour drive away (naturally air-conditioned bus!) to see creatures and swim with dolphins. They are powerful animalsNot cheap and everywhere you go there looking for dollars but a good time-see pics. Back for swim before tea.





More snaps from Manati Park..IMG001

Massive number of Rhinocerous Horn Iguanas being bred here.

Marie with a big Croton bush.

Wooden and other artefacts on sale everywhere.

IMG_4443 IMG_4462 IMG_4447 IMG_4445 IMG_4481 Sea lions, Macaws, American Crocodile and wait for it….Guinea Pigs!

IMG_4467 IMG_4441 IMG_4450IMG_4460

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Thurs 16th July 2015


Aerial view of Punta Cana.

Had the long drive from Monica’s to airport before boarding flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in the afternoon. saw Grenada from the air and the masses of seaweed heading towards Trinidad. Looking out of the plane and seeing the expanse of blue sea and sky and all the fluffy clouds I meditated on the amazing fact that the only way to know the maker of all these things is through a single man called Jesus Christ. The resort is BIG-thousands of rooms, loads of pools, free gym (no Concept 2 rower!) gorgeous variety of food but seaweed in abundance on beach and wi-fi costs!

Some pics..10312497_838878656202914_2660993399583206175_n

Entrance hall




View from balcony



Night time


Nice touch flowers and stones