Some lessons from the Emergency Department.

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Casualty is an old name! So is A and E! (Accident and Emergency) Why because we see more than casualties and there is no such thing as an accident! We are the Emergency Department!

Some lessons for the church: Quoting from a recent College of Emergency Medicine newsletter…

” An environment of openness, where the senior doctor (s) is (are)¬†approachable and interested, creates a supportive junior environment.”

“It is a strength not a weakness to be open and ask for help.”

“An environment where staff feel supported creates a better experience for the people working within and accessing the service.”

Emergency Medicine




“Emergency Medicine is both the bedrock and ‘shop window’ of acute care.

It is the defining component of the health care system of prosperous nations.

It is professionally hugely satisfying.

In a single day one can treat a punctured lung, restore a beating heart, dissolve a blood clot in a patient’s brain, relocate a dislocated shoulder and provide reassurance to the worried parents of an ill or injured child.

Emergency Medicine is for all. Our patients can be young or old, sick or injured. Some are dying, many in pain and all have reasons to need help.

We in turn are there to cure sometimes, relieve often but to care always.” Cliff Mann, President of College of Emergency Medicine.

I may be caring for the less serious “walking wounded” or “minor injuries/ailments” but these constitute over half of all the patients we see.

Thanks for your support in prayer as I go in tomorrow and usually once a week.

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