Jacob’s hip.

And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good,” (Gen.32:12).

“And he (the wrestler-pre-incarnate Son of God) blessed him there.” (Gen.32:29).

“and he halted upon his thigh.” (Gen.32:31).

Sometimes God needs to cripple us to bless us. We are intent on doing things in our own strength and God humbles us, but be assured whatever he does is a blessing.

What God was teaching Jacob, he teaches all his people by leaving them with a sinful nature even after they are born again, instead of totally sanctifying them or taking them to heaven, so that as the catechism states they have only “a small beginning of new obedience.”  This makes us dependent upon God for daily grace-of forgiveness, for strength and for supplication.This is the message of  Romans 7 and Heidelberg Catechism L.D. 44.

Audio message or U tube below:


Ulster Rugby’s prescription for wellbeing.


They even have application for the Christian:

  1. Connect-develop relationships with family, friends, colleagues (especially in church)!
  2. Keep learning-try something new, set yourself a challenge (keep reading good Reformed material).
  3. Be active-walk, jog, run, cycle, swim play, dance-something you enjoy that suits your level (care for your body).
  4. Take notice-be aware of what’s going on in the world, reflect (watch for the signs of Christ’s coming)!
  5. Give-serve others, join a group (give generously to God’s church).

First and foremost ensure you are a child of God and in that privilege exercise your right to take in his word in all its forms and pray without ceasing!


Now two weeks post-op and clips out…

Still having to wear a splint most of the time to keep knee straight, bending starts next week for 3 weeks. Physio exercises started. Ought to be walking by early/mid January and hoping I’ll be able to cycle and row again on gym machines thereafter. Still aches a bit but it is just like a broken bone healing. OSTEOTOMY-An osteotomy is a surgical operation whereby a bone is cut to shorten or lengthen it or to change its alignment.

wear on outside….wedge taken out…plate inserted.

Please Lord may it be successful!

All about osteotomies and post-op recuperation videos.

Now 6 weeks post-op. Back to driving! Walking sometimes with stick, sometimes without. Aqua-jogging, elliptical trainer and rower but not enough knee bend to ride bike yet. Joint feels like there’s a tight band around it.


Shocking truth about bottled water

I have never bought bottled water-this presentations just backs up my convictions about it…

Slide Show


Days 7 and 8 Operation trip

Spent hours this morning cancelling and re-booking flight back to Belfast. Flybe’s Bombardier turbo prop planes cannot accommodate anyone with a straight leg….

so had to switch to Easyjet …..

but it’s earlier (0830) and gets into Antrim. Bonus is being back for church Bible study at 11am! Managed about a mile on the crutches plus other exercises.

Day 8. Made it home after taxi drive hotel direct to airport. Assistance staff very good. Plenty time. Lorry lifts. Legroom still a problem but thankfully small gap between forward partition and front emergency exit through which I stuck my right foot. The week has been a catalogue of God’s good provision for every need-never doubt him saints, he is faithfully good to his people!




Baby heart transplant



Some thirty years ago one of my first hospital jobs was as a junior in cardiothoracic surgery under Professor Philip Caves in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. This man was doing major surgery on new-borns and I feel sure had he been spared*, he would have been the first to transplant hearts in new-borns. He was an Ulsterman trained at Queens and also under Shumway at Stanford in the USA. He was a shining example of a Christian clinician with high standards. The most recent case Charlie had a single ventricle, a sure early death sentence in the 80s.

Prof. Philip Caves

Heart transplants

  • Caves died on the squash court age 37 in 1978, only a year after I worked for him.
  • Wikipedia

Day 6 Operation Trip

Premier Inn guarantee of a great night’s sleep was upheld again though woke very early at 0530,11-0530,0530-0830 total 9 hours! PTL.

Room                                                     Hotel                                                                             Pub for food next door.

Looing forward to CPRC live  streaming today. Got it on phone rather than laptop!

The wonder and power of the Resurrection of Christ.

Three quarters of a mile  on the crutches, equivalent to walking on your hands!


Oak tree with all acorns gone! Roman road commemorated.

The receptionist calls me ” Love” and “Lovely”…rather sweet!

Want to be prepared to witness? Listen to or read these messages: from Reformed Witness Hour

#3187 02/01/2004 The Faithful Witness: (1) Our Calling
(Acts 1:8) Rev Carl J Haak
ram rm
#3188 02/08/2004 The Faithful Witness: (2) Our Motivation
(Isaiah 43:12) Rev Carl J Haak
ram rm
#3189 02/15/2004 The Faithful Witness: (3) Our Limitations
(Ephesians 4:17-18) Rev Carl J Haak
ram rm
#3190 02/22/2004 The Faithful Witness: (4) Our Tools
(Romans 10:1) Rev Carl J Haak

Day 5 Operation Trip

Slept better PTL. Caught up 2 hrs this am. Kind receptionists got some provisions.

Listened to this new Pastor elect Brian Feenstra (Lacombe, Alberta) whose message on Revelation 5  shows Christ is working out all the history of the world to serve his covenant and my salvation…


Conservation of Siberian tigers documentary.

Managed about half a mile in the park on crutches.

Wales v South Africa Rugby Union.

Second incumbent new PRC pastor Stephan Regnerus ((Lynden PRC)


Day 4 Operation Trip

Operation findings: high grade lesion (loss of Articular cartilage) lower lateral Femur 1.5x2cm repaired. Osteotomy performed (5mm wedge removed distal medial Femur) to correct leg alignment.

Arthroscopy.                                                        Arthritic lesions with loss of shiny articular cartilage.

Osteotomy. That was Wednesday.

My actual cut and fixation, taken during operation.

Last night Thursday ,barely slept with the throbbing pain, needed to apply cold cuff repeatedly for any relief.

Done up and downstairs with physio.

Discharge 4pm to Premier Inn just down the road. Getting taxi from Ali (who ferried me previously) from Afghanistan who as a Muslim and is praying at 2pm-pray for his reception of a Farsi Bible (language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan) I got from TBS.

Looking forward to visit from Justyn Perry, friend from Manchester, this evening.


Day 3 Operation Trip

Broken sleep, but that is par for me. I find the meals here come too fast and too big, especially as you are expending little energy! Highlight of the day so far was the painful visit of the physios to fit my long leg brace in which my right leg will be imprisoned for three weeks dead straight and then another three with some bend allowed. Still waiting for crutches. Made sure airline were prompted but train to airport could be fraught!

Up on crutches-thank God for strong arms. Up to sit out of bed. Stairs tomorrow and leave here for hotel. Care has been superb.