Far East Trip

Summary of our time in Far East:


Thankful to God for all those things that reflect his beauty/grace:

  • Beautiful creation-places, animals, people.
  • Gracious providence-all our needs, timing, safety.
  • Beautiful fellowship with the redeemed-worship and fellowship with brothers and sisters.

Last day in Manila, Philippines.

Coming to the end of a great holiday in the Far East. Friday on Borocay we jet skied and took quad bikes to view the whole island from Ocean Towers..  
Saturday we flew back to Manila and had fellowship meal at the Bongats. Sunday was spent worshipping at PRC Bulacan with the Holsteges and all the saints–two services and lunch, evening was spent at Kleyns with  Daniel’s parents, the Holsteges and the Ongs.
PRC Bulacan..Flores family etc
with Rev Kleyn’s parents.
Fly Manila-London tomorrow. Night stop London. Tuesday London-Belfast (DV).


After about thirty hours of sleeplessness  we reached the Filipino holiday island of Boracay (see map). It is just to the north of the big central island in the Philippines Panay. White sands and clear water I believe but like so many exploited holiday islands it is certainly not a conservation island

C.E.R.C. Singapore

Last day in Singapore!

Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore is sister church (much bigger several times) to my own home church CPRC Ballymena, U.K.

My wife and I enjoyed fellowship with brethren and sisters today in worship, Bible Study, and chat at mealtimes. Though the sermons were “read” they we done in such a way as to be very like sermons preached.

A.M. Israel’s war with Amalek,  Rev. D. Kleyn, (Exodus 17:8-16).


  • Relatives who hated us and were hated by God (Amalek).
  • God fights using us.
  • Our power is in intercession believing God’s authority (rod)

P.M. Not weary in well-doing. Rev. C. Haak (Gal.6:9).


  • flesh is weak.
  • we all have our respective callings and “duty-work”.
  • we may sow to the Spirit continuously.
  • work is rewarded as we reap fruitful harvest (our own quality of life eternal, people converted and quality fruit in their lives).

The Men’s Bible Study in John 15 was exhaustive and enlightening and both in it and in personal fellowship I felt privileged to be used by God in serving the brethren.


Ladies’ BS (men in background)

Late tonight we leave for Philippines for a few days on one of their holiday islands and then weekend in Manila.

Singapore Zoo and hilltop

So many animals on display but especially liked Komodo Dragon, Fruit Bat and little water Monitor that for me stole the show with the elephants, swimming across their mote and being bombed by a huge log. The Ong family were our hosts. Later another church couple Roy and Florence took us out to a street restaurant and then up to a vantage point where we saw the cable-car to Sentosa island and all the commercial buildings  and apartments. End of day considering Job together and sharing the highlights and perceived purpose of our visit.


lit up.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

These are the most visited gardens in the world ( 4 million p.a.) and a UNESCO world heritage site. Trees of the tropics, some huge and 300 years old, beautiful flowers especially orchids AND wandering monitor lizards that swim thrown in, plus fish and turtles. It was hot! Cost 80p!



Bat-Tailed Drongo (black)

Monitor Lizard

Pitcher plant-carnivorous-insects fall in and are dissolved.


7/4/17 untitled


What a day? Was a two to three hour trip by jeepney and tricycle, the latter over very rough roads up east into central Luzon’s mountains to get to a river, going to be worth it? It surely was! Among amazing marble and limestone formations we swam in the crystal-clear water and the surrounding green-clad steep mountain jungle, watching speeding sand martins dart in and out of the craggy cliffs. Tinipak it is called. Nil and Dorothy have been so kind to take us around AND collect us and take us back home in case we get lost in the incredibly, busy Metro Manila. What was also good was fact we had some steep climbing up and down the gorge sides—my first real exercise since getting here.

Pictures-see FB pages!



Tues. 4/4/17 It was well nigh impossible to sleep on 14 hour flight, but at least with an isle seat I could stretch my legs! Manila is like West Indies, warm and humid 26 degrees. As I write I am surrounded by high rise hotels on the open top floor of Stone House hotel accessing internet. Sleep required!

5/4/17 Having been met and taken to B/B by Benilde and Dorothy (see welcome table) and their friendly taxi-driver, praise God caught up on sleep. Here are some views from top floor.  Some Lovely plants growing there.

Transportation-jeepneys and trikes!

Typical suburban street

 Weds 5/4/17. Standard of living is generally cheaper than UK. Petrol, food and drink about half our prices (1L petrol 50-60p), BUT gyms are a rip off asking me for 900-1200 pesos (£15-20) for one session! Wages are generally low, minimum seems to be about £25 a week (6,000 pesos a month).We toured the huge Farmers Market where every kind of food and utensil can be bought, exotic seafood, chicken legs, live eels, catfish etc. Picked a fish and had it cooked and battered and sauced for us (see pic). Lovely meal and fellowship with Nil, Dorothy and Sonny and Luz Umali, elder and wife from Berean PRC.

Piles of eggs at the Farmer’s Market.


Snooze time.

Our fish.

6/4/17  Visited with Nil and Dorothy with Dick Espiritu. Late afternoon to Cloud 9 to see all of Manila from high vantage point as sun went down. Pall of grey smog hung over the city. Dropped and broke camera, so no more pics from me! These two of our hotel and Nils house are courtesy of Google earth.

Nils house


7/4/17 Today an early start to travel to the Filipino equivalent of Glenarrif waterfalls.