1000 metre World Challenge 2018



Indoor Rowing


Coming back to some kind of form 12 weeks after major right femur surgery. Next week is the virtual world Concept 2 rowing championships over 1000m. You record your time in your local gym and upload it to Concept 2 website.


I need to make the weight of 75Kg. I still have ambitions to become Irish Record holder at a few more longer events but know I have a lot of hard wok required to build up endurance for 1000 and 2000m.


Very rarely row further though there are many regularly rowing 10K, half marathons etc.

The atmosphere of a real championship (never been to a European Championship)-some day?!

Pete Plan Rowing



A Guid New Year.

2018  beckons



A Guid New Year to Ane an’ A’
P. Livingstone / Alexander Hume (A Hume: Edinburgh, 1811-Glasgow, 1859)

A guid new year to ane an’ a’
An’ mony may ye see,
An’ during a’ the years to come,
O happy may ye be.
An’ may ye ne’er hae cause to mourn,
To sigh or shed a tear;
To ane an’a baith great an’ sma’
A hearty guid New year.
A guid New Year to ane an’ a’
An’ mony may ye see,
An’ during a’ the years to come,
O happy may ye be.O time flies past, he winna wait,
My friend for you or me,
He works his wonders day by day,
And onward still doth flee.
O wha can tell when ilka ane,
I see sae happy here,
Will meet again and merry be
Anither guid New year.ChorusWe twa ha’e baith been happy lang.
We ran about the braes.
In yon wee cot beneath the tree,
We spent our early days.
We ran about the burnie’s side,
The spot will aye be dear,
An’ those that used to meet us there,
We’ll think on mony a year.


Noo let us hope our years may be
As guid as they ha’e been,
And trust we ne’er again may see,
The sorrows we ha’e seen.
And let us wish that ane an’ a’
Our friends baith far an’ near,
May aye enjoy in times to come –
A hearty guid New year!



a’: all
ane: one
aye: always
baith: both
guid: good
ha’e: have
mony: many
ne’er: never
noo: now
twa: two
wha: who
winna: will not
ilka: every
burnie: small stream

Fitness basics

Getting and staying fit is fundamental to physical, mental and even spiritual health. For the Christian it is wise stewardship of his/her body. Whatever level of health you possess you can always improve it. Exercise, like Bible reading or prayer, needs to be part of our daily routine. A combination of aerobic and resistance training is best. Most sports and games combine the two e.g. badminton, tennis, squash, walking, football etc


Type of training Cardio Resistance
Aerobic Weights/resistance
Effects Increases heart rate
Increases breathing
Improves Stamina/endurance Strength
Burns calories
Best for weight loss Builds muscle




Indoor Rowing


Excellent introductory Video


Irish Provincial Indoor Rowing Championships (preview)

This Saturday (D.V.) I compete in the 1000m and 500m sprint in the unofficial  autumn Irish championships at University of Limerick, combining the competition with a visit to the Limerick Reformed Fellowship and enjoying the hospitality of Pastor McGeown.


Where is Limerick?

University Sports Complex

In action 2016

Big screen



Last year’s sprint medallists M60 500m.



Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships 2017




My account of SIRC (Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships 2017) at Ravenscraig Sports Centre, Motherwell.


The entrance, the sports hall and the screen and machines.

Got subway and train to Motherwell then taxi to centre. When I got there racing was underway. I went to weigh in and was 74.8Kg PTL no probs. First race, 10.10am mixed 1000m men over 40 just had Stewart Fleming to row against in the M60 lightweight category. Made a fatal error in the race looking at the screen and seeing Stewart was +10-14m, thinking that means he was behind me so did not row that hard, I was wrong (this was the equivalent of looking back in a running race). I was actually behind him and was shocked when he finished in 3m 34s and me 3 secs behind. I should have seen the 1 by his name and 2 by mine. Well, maybe we’ll renew our rivalry next year. Disappointing result considering I had rowed 3m30s not long ago!

Stewart and I.

Determined to make amends in the 500m sprint with a total of 5 men including myself but all 4 of them heavyweight and myself lightweight-I’d have to go “hammer and tongs” to get a medal. Well I did! Went off hard and maintained it steady through the middle 300m being 100m in second and then in third place, putting everything into the last 100m (see video) I crossed the line in 1m34.9, my best time this year and only 0.6s off Irish lightweight record-pleased to get bronze. Next weekend is Irish provincial Champs in Limerick-can I go faster? One thing’s for sure I will read the digital screen properly and know where I am in the race.
Results: M60 1000m Lwt 1st Stewart Fleming (Tay. R.C.) 3.34.9 2nd JK 3.37.4
127 Men’s Over 60 Sprint (Mixed)
1 500 01:31.8 Raymond McAvoy NMAC (Hwt)
2 500 01:33.4 Ken Cunningham St Patricks RC (Hwt)
3 500 01:34.9 Julian Kennedy Ballymena Runners (Lwt)
4 500 01:38.4 Roger Stainforth Durham Amateur RC (Hwt)
5 500 01:46.1 Chris Smith Tay RC (Hwt)


500m race and medallists.

During the race

Ken, Ray and I the medallists on right.


18th November 15.29 post.


The medals.

Thankful to God for an enjoyable day!

Next Saturday (DV) Limerick, Ireland




Your body

Especially if you are a Christian and it is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT.


A month to go!

Can’t run can row!

Less than a month to Scottish Indoor Rowing Champs in Wishaw on Nov.18th then Irish Champs in Limerick on 25th, then operation on Nov.29th in Warrington all DV. Training going reasonable but need to get down to 75Kg to make lightweight category.

Are you keeping fit as you can? Being a good steward of the body loaned you in this life, as God permits?