Responsibilities and Interests



1. My service of and friendship with The Triune God, my Saviour.

2. The church where I am caretaker, my family, my part-time work as a doctor in the main Belfast Royal Emergency Department, my health and fitness.



It used to be running and track and field athletics (The running and jumping aspects are sadly over as I have recently undergone  a left hip replacement!), keeping fit (gym/badminton), walking, good Reformed Christian books.

see my athletic profile

Volunteering in the organisation of Regular weekly ECOS PARKRUNS in Ballymena (see below) are brilliant events!


This is what I used to do.

The Decathlon is arguably the hardest test of all-round athletic ability-I have uploaded videos of the present Decathlon and indoor heptathlon world records held by Ashton Eaton (USA) at 9039 and 6645 points. Combined events viz men’s decathlon, heptathlon or pentathlon and women’s heptathlon or pentathlon demand complete, full-body 360-degree athleticism. Just to finish one is an achievement. With my recent diagnosis it is fair to say I will never do another decathlon!

see Sebrle. (Roman Sebrle-previous decathlon world record holder)

see Eaton World Record





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