About Me

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by Dr Julian Kennedy MBChB (Edinburgh 1976)

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Who am I?

Middle aged! Part time Doctor in Emergency Medicine at Belfast’s Royal Hospital. Disciple of Jesus Christ who made Himself known to me first at a seaside mission when I was 10, then later through the witness of my sister and friends in the Navigators in Edinburgh in the 70’s when I was a student. Most recently in moving to Northern Ireland I am privileged to be a member of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena where I hear Christ through the preaching and teaching every week alongside, regular Bible study and my vitally important daily devotions.

I am married to Marianna who is from Trinidad whom I met while serving on the Operation Mobilisation ship MV Logos while in Venezuela in 1984. She was hand-picked by God to be my helpmeet and answer to many prayers. We married in October 1985. We have two daughters, Marie Isabel who is a beautician and nail technician aged 25, and Kirsty who is travelling the world and used to work for RIAS insurance and is 22. Joseph our son is nearly 16 and attends a local school. See family pic below (a few years ago).


Knowing God and worshipping Him

Knowing God the creator of the universe is the single most important thing in the life of any human being-without this you are lost and doomed because God is thrice holy-that means his hatred of sin and sinners is such that only through faith in the blood sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross can He be approached and on this basis alone He accepts sinners-this is His work that He accomplishes in His chosen elect people. God is known most clearly through His written revelation the Bible.Every true believer must join a true church where there is sound Biblical  preaching of the word, the sacraments rightly administered and church discipline exercised.

The Gospel of sovereign grace can be summarised in the mnemonic TULIP which stands for the five points of Calvinism namely the Total depravity of man, God’s Unconditional election, Limited or particular atonement (Christ died for His sheep only),Irresistible grace (God saves obstinate sinners) and Preservation or perseverance of the saints (they endure till the end and go to be with Christ in glory). These and other points of Reformed doctrine can be studied further at my church website-www.cprc.co.uk.

I believe physical fitness is important and we are stewards of our bodies (see blog). Physical exercise does profit for a little while (on earth!) Too many people abuse and destroy their bodies through addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and yes even food-they reap what they sow (note present obesity epidemic) and God is not mocked.

As a believer, assuming you are one, your body is the temple of God’s Spirit-look after it as a good steward-eat sensibly, only drink alcohol in moderation, never take mind-bending drugs and exercise regularly!

Kennedy family

Please pray for the children -to come to the unity of the apostolic faith of their parents that is in Christ Jesus.

From left: Marie my wife, Marie Isabel (24), Joseph (14), KIrsty (21),myself
From left: Marie my wife, Marie Isabel (24), Joseph (14), KIrsty (21),myself

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