Satan-the basics.

Satan-the basics.

He is God’s servant but with delegated power, nevertheless, is restrained particularly from uniting the world of nations near the end of time under his incarnation in the Antichrist. He is the god of this world, the prince governing all unsaved men who are his slaves.

He works, as he always has, by deceit, denying the truth of God and spreading falsehood, thus enticing men to sin through their own lusts of materialism, the flesh, and for self-glory . He has the power of death (under God’s righteous judgment), leading to hell. He accuses believers of sin’s guilt and of having sinful motives. He may hinder us in various other ways.
His power over God’s elect was broken on the cross and the basis for their redemption and being freed from his clutches accomplished so that they are freed from his tyranny and death for them is a passageway to sinless life in glory. He was exposed as a murderer by instigating the fall of man and instigating the death of the innocent Son of God. We wrestle with him and his demons resisting him by faith so that he flees, indeed we can crush him under our feet by the word of God and our testimony, not loving our lives even to death. The battleground is in the mind-thoughts, ideas, motives, desires. When these are informed and rules by the word of God we walk in victory.
See Gurnall’s comprehensive tome (1,500 pages on line!) on knowing and resisting Satan which I am serialising in a blog entitled “The Christian in Complete Armour”  here:

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