New Testament believers are consecrated priests (15)

New Testament believers are priests

Our consecration as (prophets), priests (and kings) is more like Christ’s consecration than the O.T. priesthood. There is no hereditary transmission and no public ceremony (it is an invisible consecration).

The Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 12  Q32

We are consecrated in Christ. No ecclesiastical hierarchy or sacerdotalism as with the Roman Catholic false priesthood. Luther was clear, “Every Christian is a priest.” There will also be no future literal Jewish millennial priesthood as this is not only a misinterpretation of scripture but  would be an absolutely  retrograde step (Heb.6:12-19).

Proof of the universal and catholic priesthood of believers:

  • I Peter 2:9-we are a royal priesthood
  • Revelation 1:6- we are made priests by Christ, by his redemption and are such here and now on earth.
  • Revelation 5:10- we will be a catholic priesthood (meaning universal-from every tribe and nation), in the new heaven and earth (future eternal state).

Revelation 20:6-again these are priests here and now in the NT age but in their spirit in the  intermediate state (after their first resurrection at death) in heaven.

So as prophets, priests and kings (the latter two offices always being linked in the N.T.) we function to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, use our lips to  praise and thank God and offer our prayers as intercessors for others.

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