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“ Our Living Christianity DVD series covers the key Biblical principles of being made in the image of God, common grace, being a Christian citizen etc”, So says 2019 Annual Report of the Christian Institute under Director Colin Hart. The Christian Institute does much good in defending Christians who become victims to state sponsored political correctness etc like the Ashers but brother Colin, and Christian Institute, neither the image of God in fallen man nor God’s so-called “common grace” are Biblical doctrines.
The Reformation stood, among other things, for salvation by grace alone and the fact that fallen man is NO MORE in the image of God, in which he was created initially, because by the fall he has become totally depraved (Genesis 6:4), so that men by nature hate God and each other, do not seek him and are only RENEWED in that image which consists knowledge of God, righteousness and true holiness when they are born again (Ephesians 4:24). Christ who is par excellence in the image of God proves of what the image consists. It is not rational thought, or a mind and will, or even an eternal existence that constitute the image of God or even a remnant of it, because Satan and the fallen demons have all three of these!
The grace that bringeth salvation has appeared (Titus 2:11). “Amazing grace” we sing, that saved a wretch like me…how can grace be common? Grace saves men who are its recipients-always. We know what ignorant brethren mean when they mention “common grace”, they mean the common gifts of sun, rain, crops, jobs etc that men receive from God but grace is NOT the correct word to use concerning these things it is PROVIDENCE because the same gifts that we as believers graciously receive from God in his providence, also condemn the unbeliever and will be used as judgment against him in his unrepentant un-thankfulness (Psalm 73:3,17,18, 69:22,23, Romans 1:21). Particular grace is for God’s elect period which I proved to myself by doing a word study on “grace” in the New Testament-in EVERY case it is in relation to God’s elect either before or after conversion. These doctrines are not just marginal issues because denominations who hold them have all inevitably become apostate e.g. CRC in the USA.
For further study and proof see the many materials on these subjects at this website:

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  1. Agree with both your sentiments ‘re Christian Institute and your expose on Common Grace. Christian Institute brought out a booklet on Common Grace (possibly available as a download on their site) a few years ago when the move was on by Goverment to bring in gay mirage and the Christian Institute were looking for support and cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church as well as non believers if my memory serves me well.

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