The Sacrifices (7)



Sung Psalm 23

Reading Leviticus 7:11-37

Note this was written 3,400 years ago through Moses at Mt. Sinai.

Revision of stages and instances of aberrations:

  1. Presentation            Malachi 1 (flawed sacrificial animals)
  2. Laying on hands
  3. Slaughter                 Isaiah 66:3 (hypocritical, idolatrous)
  4. Application              Isaiah 66:3 (as above and Luke 13:1)
  5. Burning
  6. Eating                      1 Samuel 2:13-17

Offerings were eaten except the whole burnt offerings in the case of peace, sin and trespass offerings.

Blood and fat were never to be eaten (Leviticus 3:17, 7:23-27) result was excommunication as in 1 Cor. 11:29.

Who ate what?

Priest and their family, offer-or and his family.

Priests ate peace offering breast and right shoulder in a clean place, sin and trespass offering (what was not burnt) in inner court (Leviticus 7:6)

The offer-or and family ate of peace offering only, all not burnt either boiled or roasted and at the tabernacle.

The host in all this eating was God himself. He owned the offerings and the holy place (Leviticus 3:1, 7:11). The Israelites were his guests (1 Cor. 10:18,20,21).

All the stages relate to Christ of whom they were a type viz:

Presentation      Eph. 5:2

Laying on hands   Isaiah 53:6

Slaughter    John 10

Application     1 Peter 1:2, Heb.12:24

Burning     Eph. 5:2, Heb. 9:14.

Eating  John 6:35, 51-58, 1Cor. 11

For the priests it meant fellowship AND their livelihood (1 Cor.9)

Eating signifies table fellowship and leads to assimilation-food becomes our body. We are united to Christ as we eat and drink his blood and body by faith, not only in the Lord’s Supper but as we feed on his word in all its forms e.g. preaching, reading.

Ours is a one flesh union like marriage-a joyful, social reality, to include the believing needy in our midst (Deuteronomy 12:5-7, 17,18, Is. 25:6, Psalm 36:8, Matt.8:11, Rev.19:7) pointing to the eternal marriage feast in heaven.

Slemish and the Devil’s Marbles

Slemish mountain (1290 feet) near Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Slemish is a volcanic plug just like Edinburgh Castle rock, an outcrop of hard granite that has been extruded from the earth’s inner core ( called magma or molten rock) as a vertical vent (see pic ) which has then resisted weathering and erosion especially by rain while the surrounding sedimentary rocks and soil have been eroded (washed away) leaving it upstanding.


Devil’s marbles

Answers in Genesis account

BRF conference 2018

British Reformed Fellowship conference, Hebron Hall, near Cardiff, Wales 21-28th July 2018


Notes of speeches and devotions. Links to U tube messages.

Day 1


Zech.3:1-8  Joshua, like us, is instituted into the holy priesthood by being given the robes of imputed righteousness. We are all priests to offer up spiritual sacrifices-first ourselves and also our praise, thanks, giving and intercessory prayers. Abraham, Joshua and Job led their families as priestly heads in devotion.

Day 2

Hating Family  Rev. McGeown

Luke 14:25-35  Believers must have a holy hatred of family as David spoke about in Psalm 139,which includes forsaking (rejecting) their influence and even their company if required, though it is not necessarily physical separation. We have no fellowship (spiritual) with those who hate the Lord when what they say, do or advise conflicts with devotion to Christ. They must not be allowed to lead us into sin. The cross mentioned in these verses is a painful self-denial for Christ’s sake-he may send a sword to sever ties. Our real family is the family of God, as was Jesus’.

All speeches plus Q/AS on U tube. Click on 1/18 top left to view them all.


Ps.92:12-15 (Gen.17:6) Kings shall come from our families, indeed as believers we are all kings and priests (Rev.1:6).

Day 3

God of the Living      Rev.Andrew Lanning

Matthew 22:32         Jesus teaches that earthly marriage which is only a type will give place to the greater and more blessed heavenly marriage between Christ and his bride. The Sadducees’ unbelief made them materialistic political agitators. Today their like do not believe in a spiritual beginning of all things (by God) and a spiritual ending (to all human lives). God has an eye on all the dust that we will become to fashion it into resurrection bodies. Marriage must be dissolved to make way for the greater reality. What Christ describes is covenant life which is eternal as he is, the great I AM of the burning bush. Because HE IS, we are! We are already resurrected to new life in Christ, our souls will be resurrected into heaven at death and on the last day our souls will be reunited with resurrected body. The astonishment of the people was like a knock down blow. Remember Christ IS the resurrection.

Family and Education      Pete Adams

Deut. 6:7     School at home   We want to instill: respect for authority, work ethic, love for neighbour, manners and devotion(s). Formal school is supported in Scripture Gal.4:2  tutors appointed by fathers. Being in a true church vital to children (Ps.128:5)-blessed out of Zion.

The Blessed Eunuch      Rev. Angus Stewart

Isaiah 56   Resting in Christ (the real Sabbath keeping) the eunuch belonged to him and this ultimately is more important that having children. These eunuchs are believers who cannot have children. They are either born eunuchs, made eunuchs, make themselves eunuchs (either by divorce or being divorced and staying unmarried), remaining single, or being a barren man or woman. Deut. 23:1 is rescinded. They are forbidden to indulge in self-pity. God knows best. Think of Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8) likely the tool used to bring many of his countrymen into the catholic church. Eunuchs have a place and a name in God’s eternal kingdom.


Devotions    John 14:1-26  As disciples we have a place in God’s family-adopted as children by our Father with Jesus as our elder brother in the family love of the comforting Holy Spirit.

Day 4

Devotions– Romans 1:7-12 and Phil.1:3-10. Paul addresses two church families emphasising fellowship with them and the fact he prays regularly for them.

Trip to Raglan Castle and Gloucester

Divine Origin of the Family  Rev. Andrew Lanning

Origin determines authority and origin directs honour.

Gen.1:1-3, 26-28, 2:18-25

God makes the rules as the creator.

  • Family…In the divine being, the trinity is a family that is complete.
  • Regarding the church he is husband and the church his wife and the mother of his children (including Jesus)
  • Families are generally God’s will (society opposes this) as is being fruitful I Tim.5:14
  • God’s idea of sex-male and female and man needing a helper

Marriage is a civil ordinance-the state has a role.

Devotions-Isaiah 42-43:13. The gathering of the whole church family.

Day 5

Devotions Psalm 111

Note verse 9, God keeps his covenant (to save families in O.T. and N.T) for ever!

Defence of the Gospel (being about marriage and the family)    Prof. David Engelsma

Ephesians 5:22-6:4

Marriage and the family is gospel truth. Errors about the family are errors about the gospel (e.g. allowing divorce and remarriage)

The family promotes the gospel and is the means of extending the kingdom. The witness of loving husband and submissive wife promotes the gospel and covenant children brought up in nurture and admonition of the Lord extends the kingdom in families. The gospel saves families. The gospel proclaims family-marriage is at the heart of the gospel (Christ loving the church and giving himself for her). And marriage to Christ after being dead to the law (Rom.7:2,3). Conversely it is a scandal (stumbling block) when Christians divorce.

Defining marriage -one man, one woman for life plus or minus children (Matt.19:5, Eph.5:25).

Baptists offend the little ones. Paedobaptism is believers bringing their infants to Christ as in gospel (Matt.19:3,4). Nurture and admonition only possible if children are regenerate (spiritually alive). Promise of salvation still is to believers and their seed (Acts 2:38-39).

Malformed marriages as in polygamy in O.T. do not promote gospel.

Our real, lasting spiritual family is the church.

Basis for all this is the fact God is family

All attacks on the family are attacks on God and these are destructive of society, reason for gangs etc. (80% families in Chicago one parent).

God blesses the Christian family Psalm 128.

The God-fearing man and his virtuous wife  Rev. Andrew lanning

Psalm 128/Proverbs 31:10-31

The calling of the Christian husband-to fear the Lord (a reverential awe and love for eternal, unchangeable, self-sufficient Jehovah Jesus), in all paths of obedience, be the loving head of his wife with sacrificial love, understanding her, honouring and protecting her especially against the threat of being deceived-so needs to know the truth, lead her to a true church and have daily Bible-based devotions with her.

The calling of the Christian wife-to fear the Lord, not seek favour of others or external beauty(wrong aims) but rather seek God’s favour, submission (hence not ruling over men in church or family), because she sees Christ working through him. She is the unique helper who complements him (therefore need to communicate freely), this all applies even to the wife of an unbeleiving spouse.

All in all this relationship reflects Christ’s relationship with his church.

Other insights: evolutionism, the feminist movement and the false gospel of Arminianism (free-willism in which Christ is impotent) have all contributed to the erosion of all authority (no absolute standard) and the emasculation of men in society and church.


Isaiah 55:5 The calling of the catholic (universal) church.

Day 6


Psalm 116   Communion with God including Christ on the cross (vv3,15) and the hope of resurrection (v9). Importance of communication in the family and prayer for individual children.

Trip to St. Fagan’s castle and museum of Welsh Life.

Spousal Abuse    Prof. Engelsma

Psalm 56.

Song of Solomon 1:15-2:15

Fact is it is happening in Reformed churches.

Nature: deliberate relentless pattern of destructive behaviour towards wife soul and body. Often cyclical. Physical or emotional/verbal. Note sex is a debt to please the other. Abuser characterised by claiming entitlement, threats and control. Abuse must be dealt with in the churches. Abuse is murder (Heidelberg LD40) I Cor.5 and 6 speaks of reviling and railing. It violates marriage oath.

Church’s calling: preach truth on marriage, confront abuser, wife’s submission should be response to love. Family visitation should examine spiritual condition of family and help. Pastor needs to be involved. Separation may be necessary.

Deliverance: prevention best-women check out future spouse, parents ditto. Men-determine to love. Consistory involvement and counselling. If guilty must be genuine repentance. Abuser may be a hypocrite.

Free booklet available from CPRC bookshop.

Devotions: Psalm 45 (marriage psalm). Ephesians 4 note especially “forgiving one another” (v32).

Day 7

Devotions     Psalm 133   Ed Bos noted how he has seen unity in the conference grow over the years.

Psalm 124  God delivers his people from the persecution or through it.


BRF Meeting

Decisions: Next conference July 11-18th 2018  Castlewellan Castle, County Down, Northern Ireland

Speakers  Prof. Engelsma and Rev Lanning

Topic: Union with Christ


Parents and Children    Prof. Engelsma

Psalm 89:27-37

Malachi 2:11-16

The destruction of the family is the cause of much of the ills of society and governments actively contribute to this. The family is not only fundamental to society but also the kingdom of God.  God is angry against all attacks on the family. E.g.

Marriage with unbelievers


Provoking children to wrath by favouritism, unfair discipline etc

Neglect by husband

Fellowship is sharing one life.



Eph.1:1-12 note adoption by Father God.

Day 8


Psalm 110 The ascended Christ, David’s son takes his power to reign, triumphing by his Spirit to save his church and destroy his enemies. Quoted in Acts 2:23-39.

It’s good to be single    Rev. Lanning

1 Cor.7:1-9, 17-24

  • it may mean virginity (like Paul
  • you may be divorced or a widow(er)
  • it is good/even better than marrying (in some ways)
  • famous OT singles e.g.Miriam
  • NT single John the Baptist
  1. It is a covenant calling for some and a gift (they are able to contain sexual urges)
  2. It promotes covenant service with undistracted devotion e.g. Anna in Luke 2
  3. It is covenant satisfaction and contentment

Unbiblical divorce and adulterous remarriage     Prof. Engelsma

Matt.19:1-5, Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18.

The cause of the Reformed faith and Biblical marriage is God’s and his the power to promote it.

Our authority in this as in all matters of faith and practice is Scripture. Genesis and Jesus’ interpretation of it teaches one man and one woman for life and no divorce. Only God by the power of death divides. Divorce destroys families. The call to the married is be faithful. “Commits” adultery is on-going present tense!


Ephesians 3-speaks of the mystery of the catholicity (universality) of the church and Paul’s faithful prayers for the Ephesians. May we continue to faithfully to pray for each other.

Roll on BRF 2020.









BRF Fun Run (5K) Results

  1. Emily Feenstra         F25    19m 28s     75.85%
  2. Carleen Dykstra       F31     21m 33s    68.53%
  3. Bruce Feenstra        M22    19m 08s    67.85%
  4. Joshua Harris          M18    19m 11s    67.70%
  5. Brian Buiter             M25    19m 45s    65.23%
  6. Dr Julian Kennedy   M65    26m 52s    61.98%
  7. Patrick Duerr           M9      26m 23s    61.65%
  8. David Smit              M28    26m 20s    49.31%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      well done all who took part.

Temptation (39)

Owen’s fourth season of temptation is a season of self-confidence; “then usually temptation is at hand. The case of Peter is clear unto this: “I will not deny thee; though all men should deny thee I will not; though I were to die for it, I would not do it.” This said the poor man when he stood on the very brink of that temptation that cost him in the issue such bitter tears. And this taught him so far to know himself all his days, and gave him such acquaintance with the state of all believers, that when he had received more of the Spirit and of power, yet he had less of confidence, and saw it was fit that others should have so also, and therefore persuades all men to “pass the time of their sojourning here in fear,” 1 Pet. 1:17; not to be confident and high as he was, lest, as he did, they fall. At the first trial he compares himself with others, and vaunts himself above them: “Though all men should forsake thee, yet I will not.” He fears every man more than himself. But when our Saviour afterward comes to him, and puts him directly upon the comparison, “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?” John 21:15, he hath done comparing himself with others, and only crieth, “Lord, thou knowest that I love thee.” He will lift up himself above others no more. Such a season oftentimes falls out. Temptations are abroad in the world, false doctrines, with innumerable other allurements and provocations: we are ready every one to be very confident that we shall not be surprised with them: though all men should fall into these follies yet we would not: surely we shall never go off from our walking with God; it is impossible our hearts should be so sottish. But says the apostle, “Be not high-minded, but fear; let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” Wouldst thou think that Peter, who had walked on the sea with Christ, confessed him to be the Son of God, been with him in the mount, when he heard the voice from the excellent glory, should, at the word of a servant-girl, when there was no legal inquisition after him no process against him nor any one in his condition, instantly fall a-cursing and swearing that he knew him not? Let them take heed of self-confidence who have any mind to take heed of sin. And this is the first thing in our watching, to consider well the seasons wherein temptation usually makes its approaches to the soul, and be armed against them. And these are some of the seasons wherein temptations are nigh at hand.”

Temptation (38)

John Owen

Owen goes on to describe a third instance where temptation is waiting: A season of great spiritual enjoyments is often, by the malice of Satan and the weakness of our hearts, turned into a season of danger as to this business of temptation. We know how the case stood with Paul, 2 Cor. 12:7. He had glorious spiritual revelations of God and Jesus Christ (which he says would naturally puff him up with pride-JK). Instantly Satan falls upon him (by God’s sovereign will!-JK), a messenger from him buffets him; so that he earnestly begs its departure, but yet is left to struggle with it. God is pleased sometimes to give us especial discoveries of himself and his love, to fill the heart with his kindness; (This infirmity was to magnify God’s grace-JK). Christ takes us into the banqueting-house, and gives our hearts their fills of love; and this by some signal work of his Spirit, overpowering us with a sense of love in the unspeakable privilege of adoption, and so fills our souls with joy unspeakable and glorious. A man would think this was the securest condition in the world. What soul does not cry with Peter in the mount, “It is good for me to be here; to abide here for ever?” But yet very frequently some bitter temptation is now at hand. Satan sees that, being possessed by the joy before us, we quickly neglect many ways of approach to our souls, wherein he seeks and finds advantages against us. Is this, then, our state and condition? Does God at any time give us to drink of the rivers of pleasure that are at his right hand, and satisfy our souls with his kindness as with marrow and fatness? Let us not say, “We shall never be moved;” we know not how soon God may hide his face, or a messenger from Satan may buffet us. Besides, there lies oftentimes a greater and worse deceit in this business. Men cheat their souls with their own fancies, instead of a sense of God’s love by the Holy Ghost; and when they are lifted up with their imaginations, it is not expressible how fearfully they are exposed to all manner of temptations;—and how, then, are they able to find relief against their consciences from their own foolish fancies and deceivings, wherewith they sport themselves? May we not see such every day,—persons walking in the vanities and ways of this world, yet boasting of their sense of the love of God? Shall we believe them? We must not, then, believe truth itself; and how woeful, then, must their condition needs be!

God’s love and wrath.

Unlike God’s love and hate which are mutually exclusive meaning you are either loved by election in Christ or hated in reprobation outside Christ, God’s love and wrath may exist simultaneously.

We know assuredly from Scripture that the trinity is the repository of eternal love between Father and Son by the Spirit and that God’s people because they are in Christ, are taken into this covenant of love. But we were by nature children of wrath (before conversion) and if we backslide as believers we become subject to his wrath and chastening (Psalms 6:1, 38:1). God’s wrath is his implacable hatred of sin (Romans 1:18) and therefore the reprobate have this wrath abiding on them (John 3:36). Believers pre-conversion and who fall post-conversion are subjects of his temporary wrath.

Christ, the object of God’s eternal love became, during his lifetime and especially on the cross, the object of God’s (temporary) wrath.

God, who is a consuming holy fire (Heb.12:29) consumes sin by the Spirit as Christ suffers and dies, then as that sanctifying power is applied to us, he consumes sin in us throughout our life and especially when we die and enter glory. The sin of the wicked condemns them to the fire of his wrath eternally which never goes out because that sin was never propitiated (atoned for).

His love which is his nature and his wrath which naturally follows from his holiness are both to be praised and glorified by us his people.

Interestingly the burning bush, aflame but not consumed, is the symbol of many presbyterian denominations and depicts the church. We are aflame with his imputed holiness and are the light of the world but we are never consumed.

The Sacrifices (6)

Sung Psalm 50:7-14 (v8)

Reading Leviticus 1

The offerings

Burnt Offering

Meal offering (only stages 1,5,6-see previous posts)

Peace Offering

Sin Offering

Trespass Offering

The Burning

Wood was used and the ashes were put in a pit to the right of the altar and later taken outside the camp (Lev.6:10,11). Later we read of wood being brought by people, priests or Levites according to lot (Neh.10:34, 13:31)

The priests tended the fire.

Source of the fire? In a few instances God (9:24) and it was kept going.

What was burnt? All but the skin of the burnt offering. All but crop and feathers of a bird burnt. In certain offerings parts were burnt outside the camp.

Who cuts up or washes the offering? The offeror “he” (vv 5,6,8,9,12).

Where was the washing of legs and innards done? Unclear.

Priests lay parts on altar.

All the burnt offerings are called a “sweet savour”, the smoke of which ascended to heaven as a type of Christ’s propitiation who offered himself as a sweet savour (Gen. 8:21, Eph.5:2) having consecrated (set himself apart) to God (John 17:19, Heb.9:14) with the eternal spirit acting like the flame. In a secondary or derived manner Christians are living sacrifices (Rom.12:1,2) and a savour among other people (II Cor.2:14-16). What made the smell of a burning animal, a type of Christ sweet was the fact it represented the willing and loving obedience of the Saviour.

Our God is a consuming fire (Heb.12:29), the sacrifice of Christ consumes the sins of all the elect, whereas the sins of the wicked go on burning them up for ever (Mark 9:44).

Temperance in all things


If the athlete has to be self-controlled and temperate in all things (food, sleep, physical training) then even more so should the Christian believer be temperate in all things and keep under, nay mortify, his body of sin (sinful flesh).

 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway (I Corinthians 9:24-27).

John Gill is good: Commentary (v24)

Second marriages

Malachi warns people that if they are unrepentant, divorced and remarried their worship is unacceptable to God.

 And this have ye done again, covering the altar of the Lord with tears, with weeping, and with crying out (the tears of the abandoned spouse and children-JK), insomuch that he regardeth not the offering any more, or receiveth it with good will at your hand. Yet ye say, Wherefore? Because the Lord hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant (Malachi 2;13,14). Futhermore marrying for a second time while the first spouse lives is adultery (Matthew 5:31, Romans 7:2,3) and adulterers shall not inherit the kingdom of God (I Cor.6:9). How many friends, even among professing Christians do you know in this position?