Passover (7)

Sung Ps.132:1-9 (A pilgrim Psalm mentioning the ark)

Reading II Chron.35:1-19 (v18 ark)

Passover was the chief feast of the ceremonial law, the first to be celebrated, the first in order during the year and the last one ever kept 9BY Christ and the disciples).

Vv1-6  exhortation of Josiah to priests and Levites

Vv7-9 Gift of offerings

Vv10-19 Celebration of Passover

Ranked in order of greatness the Passovers after entry to the promised land were:

  1. Under Samuel *2
  2. Under Josiah (Judah only) *4
  3. Under Solomon *1
  4. Under Hezekiah (United Kingdom) *3

*Estimated rank of numbers

Why was Josiah’s so great?

Probable reasons: It reflected s real reformation of religion, it was done according to earlier revelation (Scripture), it was at the temple which was cleansed, the numbers of sacrifices were 37,600 lambs, it was well prepared (vv4,6,10,16), there were no irregularities (as when Hezekiah’s was done suddenly and many were unclean), significant preceding events (Hezekiah had temple reopened after wicked Ahaz had closed it; with Josiah book of law found….yet for all that Jer.3:6 suggests many of the people were pretending loyalty to Jehovah.


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