British Reformed Fellowship Conference 2018


This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of 2018 if you can make it!

British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) Conference 2018: The Reformed (Christian) Family—According to the Word of God
21-28 July, 2018 at Hebron Hall, Cardiff, Wales
Six Main Conference Addresses:
1. The Divine Origin of the Family (Rev. A. Lanning)
2. The Authoritative Content of the Gospel (Prof. D. Engelsma)
3. The God-Fearing Man and His Virtuous Wife (Rev. A. Lanning)
4. The Reformed (Christian) Family: Parents and Children (Prof. D. Engelsma)
5. It Is Good to Be Single (Rev. A. Lanning)
6. Unbiblical Divorce and Adulterous Remarriage: A Scandal (Prof. D. Engelsma)
Saturday evening introductory speech: Rev. M. McGeown
Sunday services: AM: Rev. A. Lanning & PM: Rev. A. Stewart
Special lecture: Spousal Abuse in the Christian Community (Prof. D. Engelsma)

2018 Wales, topic: The Family

Where: Hebron Hall, Cardiff, Wales When: 21-28 July, 2018 What: The exact title is yet to be decided, but the topic will be the family Who: The main speakers will be Prof. David J. Engelsma and Rev. Andy Lanning More info to come!

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