Passover (6)

The Passover during the Monarchy

Sung Psalm 120 (pilgrim psalm)

Reading II Chronicles 30

  1. King Saul’s reign (40 years)-no record of any Passovers.
  2. King David (40)-brought up ark, instituted public worship. Prepared for temple, but again no record although you would surmise it was being kept.
  3. King Solomon (40). Built temple, prosperous reign, extensive united kingdom.

We know in his reign initially it was kept at Gibeon (II Chron. 1) then at Jerusalem (II Chron. 8:12-16). But he fell into polygamy and idolatry (I Kings 11:1-13) and as a result the kingdom (representing the church in those days) was divided.


Review       Northern Kingdom-Jeroboam till Hoshea (prophet Hosea)

Southern Kingdom-Rehoboam till Hezekiah (finally till Zedekiah)

Chapter outline: verses 2-5   plan (synod)

6-12 messengers

13-22 Passover

23-27 additional feast

Unusual features:

  • Second month (see Num.9:11) because temple not cleansed (29:17,18), previous king Ahaz closed it and was idolatrous (28:24,25), priests not sanctified, people not gathered.
  • Levites killed animals instead of heads of houses (Ex.12:6)
  • People actually ceremonially unclean (v18) but the spiritual trumped the ceremonial! (cf I Cor.11:30). Hezekiah interceded.
  • Another seven days celebrated (like Solomon in I Kings 8:65)
  • Teaching (v22)

What made it so great a Passover? Ideas: Number of people, number of sacrifices, length of feast, gladness, Psalms, teaching, exemplary king and church leaders.


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