Martin Luther on Reading Scripture

“We should and must by all means read Scripture. For it was put into letters and was constantly preserved in the church through the special dispensation of God (and will also remain in the church until the end of the world) that we might read, learn, and constantly
further and spread the Word on and on, to children’s children. Now we at all times find disciples and pupils enough who read and study in the Scriptures and so grow in their understanding that in the course of time they are able also to instruct others from it. But the matter of greatest importance is that the readers of Scripture are not only diligent but also faithful. This is what the Lord means here when He says: “How readest thou?” What do you learn? He says in effect: See to it that you by all means read Scripture faithfully and
that you rightly divide the Word of truth, that is, that you look for nothing in it for your person except Me,without whom no one comes to the Father, and that from Scripture you teach this to others. For there are many who seek their personal interests in the Word,
namely, how to obtain temporal goods and honor by it and how to enjoy a great reputation in the world, considering godliness a trade, as St. Paul says (I Tim.6:5). But woe to these.”

And Scripture is a package, we cannot reject any part of it! It is all the word of Christ-JK

From Standard Bearer 1/11/2017 RFPA


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