Killing Sin (9)

Believers must have constant longing, breathing after deliverance from the power of  sin. Longing desires must incite and stir up the person in whom they are to a diligent use of means for the bringing about the thing aimed at.  Longing, breathing, and panting after deliverance is a grace in itself, that has a mighty power to conform the soul into the
likeness of the thing longed after. Hence the apostle, describing the repentance and godly sorrow of the Corinthians, reckons this as one eminent grace that was then set on work, “Vehement desire,” 2 Cor. 7:11. And he himself expresses his desire  for deliverance in Rom. 7: 24. So even more needs to be the rage against any particular lust and corruption!  Unless you long for deliverance you shalt not have it. This will make the heart watchful for all aids against its enemy, and means that are afforded for the destruction of any particular sin. Strong desires are the very life of that “praying always” which is enjoined us in all conditions, and in none is more necessary than in this; they set faith and hope on work, and are the soul’s moving after the Lord. Get your heart, then, into a panting and breathing frame; long, sigh, cry out. You know the example of David; (Psalm 51).

John Owen


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