Killing sin (2)

Just recently our church reading plan covered I Kings 2. This is an extraordinary chapter in that it’s contents include three executions. Adonijah,  Joab and Shemei are all put to death by Benaiah under King Solomon’s instructions. Why? Adonijah, the older brother, led a rebellion to become king before his father David died. His rebellious heart remained when Solomon ascended the throne and he made moves to usurp him. Joab sided with Adonijah and was also guilty of the murder of Abner and Amasa. Shemei cursed David and was under oath not to leave Jerusalem. These latter two were named by David as those who ought to die justly earlier in the chapter. Benaiah, one of David’s mighty men and head of his personal bodyguard (II Sam.23:20-23) was Solomon’s trusted executioner.

These executions of evil men within Solomon’s kingdom enabled him to have peace and reign effectively. Our execution of sin (mortification) in our lives enables us to live in peace with God and to reign in life as kings over ourselves (Rom.5:17, I Cor.9:27, Rom. 6:12). See further posts on

Execution of Joab.


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