War of Words (Chapter 5)


He is King

How ought the sovereignty of God affect our lives/words.

Read Romans 11:33-36.  God clearly rules over all that happens.

Tripp states,” A life of godly communication is rooted in a personal recognition of the sovereignty of God.” Can we prove this from Scripture? Well if we recognise that all that is said to us or done to us is under God’s control we will not do either of four things:

  1. Retaliate (David and Shemei, Christ (I Peter 2:24).
  2. Grumble, complain, show frustration or be disappointed (Phil.2:14, Job 1:21-22). How much of our speaking expresses irritation toward people who get in our way?
  3. Rebel. Miriam and Aaron, all civil rebellion e.g. Adonijah, Absalom.
  4. Envy (Psalm 73:3).

Rather we will respond positively, thanking God, taking the opportunity to witness and recognising God’s sanctifying providence. We will encourage fellow saints in his sovereignty and point to evidences of his loving hand. We will rest in his love/control (Matt.11:28-29, Job 22:21).

All “idol words” will be set aside, words and schemes to get what we want e.g. Jacob and Rebecca.

Tripp gives an excellent definition of fantasy,” An imaginary world of our own making where we are king.”  All fantasy, devoid of reality and almost inevitably selfish and wicked is to be crushed by the Christian.

Tripp then takes us through the spheres where God is King and sovereign:

  • God rules the created universe and every situation (Dan. 4:34-35).
  • God rules over all for the church, for her redemption (Eph. 1:22)
  • God rules over the specific details of our lives, every Christian individual. (Psalms 139, 121).
  • God rules over every aspect of our salvation (Ps.138:8, Phil.1:6).
  • God rules over the circumstances of our sanctification (Eph.1:4-6, Rom.8:17-18, 28-29).
  • God rules over our relationships for our sanctification (Eph.4:12).
  • God rules over everything for his glory.

A.W. Pink’s “Sovereignty of God” is a key and comprehensive work (available on line).

Next study (DV) August 5th on chapter 6, “Wrong motives”.




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