David v Goliath (application for today)


If we give up the Scriptures, the battle is over. God will still gather His Church but not among us and we will go lost in our generations.

  1. Much of the church world is on the verge of surrendering to the enemy. The enemy today sends especially three Goliaths into the fray.

    1. The giant of Darwinism has intimidated most of the church world to compromise on six-day creationism for fear of being thought “unscientific”.

    2. The giantess of feminism has screamed “Chauvinism” so often that she has forced most of Christendom to open their pulpits and consistory rooms to women despite the clear teaching of Scripture.

    3. The giant of militant homosexuality shrieks “homophobia” and threatens “hate crime” legislation. This has caused many churches to tremble before him so they do not preach against sodomy and even tolerate it among their members.

      Excerpt from notes on this sermon by Rev. Martyn McGeown:  Sermon                                                          


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