The Land (11)


Levitical cities

Sung Psalm 99:4-9

Reading   Joshua 21 and I Chronicles 5:54ff

Why did the Levites have designated cities?

Gen.49:5-7. Prophecy

Deut.33:8-11. To teach throughout the land (II Chron.17:8, Mal.2:4-9)

Joshua 13:14, I Chron.29:15, Deut. 18:6, Judges 17:7 and 19. They were sojourners (cf I Peter)

Elkanah, Samuel’s father (I Chron.6:27) was a priest and so of course, was he.

So this tribe of priests and priest helpers were to live off the sacrifices just as today full time ministers of the gospel live off the gospel (giving of church members) I Cor.9:1-15. Hebrews contrasts the Levitical priesthood with that of Christ’s.

Plus tithes.


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