Communion With God (38)

The third truth hid in Christ is JUDGMENT (John 16:8)

In the sight of men, angels, and devils, God has given an abundant assurance of a righteous and universal judgement to come; Those who own him to be the Son of God, will not deny a judgement to come.
HIS RESURRECTION Acts 17:31, God has given assurance of this thing to all, by raising Christ from the dead, having appointed him to be the judge of all; in whom and by whom he will judge the world in righteousness.

So he who has loved us, and given himself for us, — who is himself the righteousness that he requires of our hands; and on the other side, by him who has been, in his person, grace, ways, worship, servants, reviled, despised, condemned by the men of the world; — which holds out unspeakable consolation on the one hand, and terror on the other: so that the wisdom of this also is hid in Christ.

Thus the knowledge of ourselves, in reference to our supernatural end, is  wisdom. The things of the greatest concern are, sin, righteousness, and judgement; the wisdom of all which is alone hid in the Lord Jesus. Which Owen has just proved–JK.


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