Irreducible Complexity

Irreducible Complexity

Some details surrounding human conception that MUST happen and thus were programmed by God and CANNOT have ever gone through an evolutionary process.

For the conception of a baby these details are necessary:

  • Sperm moved along by Fallopian Tube muscles NOT their tails (flagellae).
  • Without capacitation the sperm can’t fertilize egg.
  • Cilia (hairs on the walls of cells of tubes) move the egg by waves (like wind on a wheatfield).
  • Sperm releases acrosomal contents to dissolve the sticky coating around the egg and another enzyme dissolves the outer egg coat.
  • After fertilisation granules inside the membrane thicken it to stop the rest of the sperms.
  • Human chorionic gonadotrophin from the syncitiotrophoblast (one massive jelly-like cell around the egg) penetrates the uterus to start formation of placenta.
  • After birth when the raw womb lining bleeds where placenta was attached sphincters close the ends of the uterine arteries and oxytocin from suckling breast  stop mother bleeding to death.

Egg being moved by cilia.

This video from Answers in Genesis is brilliant and gives a full account of the processes.



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