Communion with God (34b)

Just because God has revealed himself does not mean that the revelation will do anyone any good!-JK.

“Do we not see innumerable persons perishing everlastingly, notwithstanding the manifestation of himself which God has made in Christ?”

” No man knoweth the Father save the Son and he to whomsoever the Son will (desires to) reveal him” Matthew 11:27.

All the attributes of God manifest in Christ are only revealed to the elect by Christ himself. That revelation IS salvation.

“I am,” saith he, “God Almighty” (all-sufficient); — “I am wholly able to perform all my undertakings, and to be thy exceeding great reward. I am God all-sufficient.” Now, you know in whom this covenant and all the promises thereof are ratified, and in whose blood it is confirmed, — to wit, in the Lord Christ alone; in him only is God an all-sufficient God to any, and an exceeding great reward. And hence Christ himself is said to “save to the uttermost them that come to God by him,” Heb. 7. And these three things, I say, are required to be known, that we may have a saving acquaintance; and all these being hid only in Christ, from him alone it is to be obtained. This, then, is the first part of our first demonstration, that all true and sound wisdom and knowledge is laid up in the Lord Christ, and from him alone to be obtained; because our wisdom, consisting, in a main part of it, in the knowledge of God, his nature, and his properties, this lies wholly hid in Christ, nor can possibly be obtained but by him.”

And even Abraham had God revealed to him in Christ (by type and shadow-JK) Abraham, said Christ, saw my day and was glad.
John Owen


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