Communion with God (33)

His all-sufficiency is the last attribute to name.

God’s all-sufficiency in himself is his absolute and universal perfection, whereby he lacks nothing, nothing can be added to his fullness, he never decreases. There is also in him an all-sufficiency for others; which is his power to impart and communicate his goodness and himself so to them as to satisfy and fill them, in their utmost capacity, with whatever is good and desirable to them. God abundantly communicated and manifested this in the creation, in that he made all things good, all things perfect; that is, to whom nothing was wanting in their own kind; — he put a stamp of his own goodness upon them all. But now for his people he is an all-sufficient God, to be enjoyed by us, to give all that is in him for the satiating and making them blessed, — that is alone discovered by and in Christ. In him he is a Father, a God in covenant, wherein he has promised to lay out himself for them; in him has he promised to give himself into their everlasting fruition, as their exceeding great reward.

Hence when we know Christ, he is like a spring of waters causing us to never die of thirst, but to be satisfied, though we continue to thirst for him till we are glorified (John 4:14, 7:37-38).


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