The Land (9)

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Sung Psalm 37:3-9 (note multiple references in the psalm to our inheritance)

Reading Joshua 14

To recap Joshua 14-19 are about the division of the land among the 9 ½ tribes west of the Jordan. It is noteworthy that the division starts with an individual (Caleb) and ends in another (Joshua).

In Gilgal the allotment is made to Judah, Ephraim and half Manasseh. Gilgal was the place the campaign started and where the people were circumcised. Gilgal means rolled and the offence of uncircumcision was rolled away (as the skins were). The rest of the allotment took place in Shiloh. How long was the campaign? It was seven years and can be worked out from events in Caleb’s life. It took two years to get to Kadesh where the spies were sent out when he was 40 and then they were all condemned to wander 38 further years in the wilderness. So campaign started when he was 78 and finished when he was 85 with strength unabated (like Moses too Deut.34:7). God keeps his promises and men must remain fit for their tasks. His was a reward of grace. He was given the cities of Anak (Num.13:28 which were renamed Hebron (14:12, 15:13-14) c.f. I Samuel 30:14. In 19:49-50 we come to the conclusion of the division with Joshua’s allotment of Timnathserah in Ephraim. The common factors with these two men were they were the two good, fearless and faithful spies who wholly followed the Lord. In similar fashion there will be degrees of reward for Christians in our heavenly inheritance.



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