Marriage the mystery


“Christ belongs to His church. He was chosen from eternity to be the Head of His church. At no time is Christ viewed by God apart from His church. He was sent as her Redeemer and Lord. Neither is the church at any time without her husband. She is His. She is His body, of His flesh and blood. There is an intimate bond of union between Christ and His bride. It is this bond that is reflected in the marriage of a man and his wife. In fact, this becomes one of the motivating factors that causes a godly man to seek out his wife in all things. Just as the church is so very dependent on Christ, so also the wife, when tied together with her husband, is so very dependent on him. They joy in each other. They dwell with each other. They are friends with each other.” Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma on Reformed Witness Hour (3863)

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