The Land (7)

Sung Psalm 60:6-12 (note this is a Davidic Psalm and delineates the Israelite empire at its height and mentions the exploits of Joab in subduing the Jebusites and the Edomites)

Reading Joshua 15:1-12 (but references from chapters 15-19)

Note Paul’s witness to the division of the land in Acts 13:19!

The borders of Judah’s allotment is the largest description of any of the tribes (63 verses). It is noteworthy in the precision of the boundaries, useful in any future dispute. The land is described by geographical features as they had no maps—hills, rivers, valleys, seas and towns. The list of towns (Bethlehem notably absent as it was then unimportant) give us a long list of places important in Biblical history (from Genesis to Revelation). Here is a sample with their significance:

15:9    Kireath-Jearim where Uzzah died steadying the ark.

16:2    Archi home of Hushai the Archite, one of David’s advisors

15:51   Gilo-home of Ahithophel the Gilonite the advisor to David and Absalom who hung himself

18:21  Gibeon-home of the Gibeonites who deceived Joshua

Ramah-Samuel’s burying place

Beeroth-home to the men who killed Ishbosheth

15:31  Ziklag-which was given to David and his men by King Achish the Philistine

19:26  Carmel-the mount where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal cf. the other Carmel in Judah where Abigail and Nabal lived.

19:27  Cabul-meaning worthless which was a town given by Solomon but despised by Hiram

19:41  Zorah and Eshtaol-home of Manoah (Samson’s father)

and MANY more e.g. Adullam, Gibeah, Jezreel, Hebron and Rabbah.

Regions are delineated within Judah’s inheritance viz.

15:21-32 the Negev

33-47 Coastal region

48-60 the hill country of Judah (home of Zachariah/Elizabeth)

61-62 wilderness of Judah by Dead Sea where Christ was tempted.

Interesting slide (click to enlarge)

Can you guess which tribe each picture represents?


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