Baptism of Infants of Believers Biblical


There is absolutely no question that the initiatory rite or sacrament of the Christian faith namely baptism is rightly administered to all the infant children of one or two believing parents. Colossians chapter two links the Old Testament and New Testament rites inextricably in verses 11 and 12. Paul states that the reality of spiritual circumcision and spiritual baptism are exactly the same and are the work of Christ. They consist the dethroning of the sinful flesh in mortification and resurrection to new life in Christ. Circumcision of the body and water baptism in themselves mean nothing but what they signify is everything. Deuteronomy 30:6 is one of many Old Testament verses indicating that heart circumcision is the necessary reality that salvation brings. Abraham, our faithful father was circumcised after his justification by faith and his children and servants were circumcised too whether believing or not, at the same time. That circumcision was the sign of Old Testament salvation Paul makes clear in Romans 4:11. So why do Baptists deny the New Testament equivalent sign to their children? They are “hung up” on individual believers’ baptism and baptism by immersion (unnecessary) and are not convinced that God from the beginning till the end of time is a God of the everlasting covenant of grace that he makes with believers AND their elect seed! (Gen.17:7, Acts 2:39). Both believing adults and all the infants of a believer ought to be given the sign in obedience to the Lord who changes not. Besides we know from the example of John the Baptist that children can be regenerated in the womb and many infants believe in Christ as he said himself (Mark 9:42) otherwise how could the mouths of babes and sucklings praise him? Furthermore often in the Old Testament God promised salvation to the children of believers see Isaiah 44:3 and 59:21. Adult circumcision and baptism do require confession of faith but infant circumcision and now baptism emphasise grace preceding faith, the passivity of the person baptised/regenerated and the promise of the covenant to be a God to believers and their elect seed. It is a COMMAND!


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