War of Words (Chapter 3)

The Word became Flesh

We read many verses in Ephesians 4-6 relating to speech.

  1. What has the Word becoming flesh to do with our use of words (in speaking and writing)?

Three answers:

  • He sets the standard, which is perfection, since all his words were truth, pure and God-glorifying (Psalm 119).
  • He gives us the ability, by his indwelling Spirit to speak like him (II Peter 1:3). Power to minister.
  • When we fail we have an advocate and forgiveness.


Tripp speaks of aspects of our ability that we need to tap into:

  • Hope in a guaranteed positive result.
  • Riches of supply in Christ who alone can tame our tongues.
  • Power to speak like Christ (Eph.3:20).


  • Recognition that God rules in every circumstance (especially when tempted to sin).

What practical steps can we take to seek to speak godly words?

  • Admit our inability and pray on every occasion (Like Nehemiah).
  • Keep alert and recognise God’s rule in the situation e.g. when tempted to retaliate (remember Shimei). Don’t give in to a pattern of sinful talk (e.g. arguing)
  • Recognise that you cannot do what God alone can.
  • Be willing to admit sin to God and others.
  • Listen to rebuke.
  • Believe God does use you to bless others so take the initiative with strangers, brethren and sisters etc.

Worth noting that about 20% of the verses in Proverbs concern speech-have a look and mark them all.


Next Study (DV) Saturday June 24th 8pm to look at Chapter 4 “Idol Words”


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