Best all-round sprinter ever.

Wayde Van Niekerk can lay claim to being the best all-round sprinter the world has seen even though he has years of competition in him.

First man to:

  • Run sub 10 secs for 100m
  • Run sub 20 for 200m
  • Run sub 31 for 300m
  • Run sub 44 for 400m

Sub-10 100m 9⃣9⃣4⃣ 
Sub-20 200m 1⃣9⃣8⃣4⃣
Sub-31 300m 3⃣0⃣8⃣1⃣
Sub-44 400m 4⃣3⃣0⃣3⃣

Wayde van Niekerk (@WaydeDreamer) is on 🔥🔥🔥

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And he’s a believer in Christ!

Communion with God (35)

We have seen that wisdom comes from a knowledge of God and knowledge of ourselves. Ultimately both of these are in Christ.


In knowing ourselves, knowing our sin is paramount:

We know our sin by:

  • our conscience (serious sins) Rom.1:32, 2:14-15
  • God’s law (Ten Commandments) added because of transgressions and to expose sin.

  • Christ

The revelation of sin by Christ consists:

  • A comparison of his spotless life with ours
  • How much our sin deserves seen in the fact that the Son of God had to suffer and had to suffer all his life and such a cruel death for sin.

  • How man is made impotent by it.
  • How the gospel kills sin.
  • How one day it will be abolished.



So states Christ in Luke 6:27.

Helen Berhane who was imprisoned and tortured for her faith in Eritrea shares this exhortation.

The love of God shed abroad in our hearts enables us to do what is otherwise humanly impossible-to love our enemies.

” Every good gift that comes to us comes as a gift from our amazing Father in heaven. Sharing in the sufferings of Christ always brings us deeper into fellowship with Jesus-and for this gift we must be thankful.”

“Here is a great mystery: when we respond to hatred with the love of God , it sets us free!”

Can you guess what we are freed from? Free from slavery to fear, revenge and hatred.

” It enables us to be free even when in prison.”

“God so loved the world that he sent his son into the world to die for those who would hate him, harm him and ultimately put him to death.” AMAZING!

” There may be some who chose to hate me and harm me because I am a Christian-but God’s love complels me to do them good.”


Brothers and sisters reading this. May this be our experience too as it is soon coming our way!

Irreducible Complexity

Irreducible Complexity

Some details surrounding human conception that MUST happen and thus were programmed by God and CANNOT have ever gone through an evolutionary process.

For the conception of a baby these details are necessary:

  • Sperm moved along by Fallopian Tube muscles NOT their tails (flagellae).
  • Without capacitation the sperm can’t fertilize egg.
  • Cilia (hairs on the walls of cells of tubes) move the egg by waves (like wind on a wheatfield).
  • Sperm releases acrosomal contents to dissolve the sticky coating around the egg and another enzyme dissolves the outer egg coat.
  • After fertilisation granules inside the membrane thicken it to stop the rest of the sperms.
  • Human chorionic gonadotrophin from the syncitiotrophoblast (one massive jelly-like cell around the egg) penetrates the uterus to start formation of placenta.
  • After birth when the raw womb lining bleeds where placenta was attached sphincters close the ends of the uterine arteries and oxytocin from suckling breast  stop mother bleeding to death.

Egg being moved by cilia.

This video from Answers in Genesis is brilliant and gives a full account of the processes.


The Land (10). Cities of Refuge

We sung Psalm 27:1-5 (note where David ran for refuge)

This morning we covered Joshua 20 which outlines the six cities of refuge, three to west of River Jordan (Kadesh, Shechem and Hebron) and three to the east namely Golan, Ramoth Gilead and Bezer (KASH and GRAB mnemonic!). The laws of Exodus 21:12-14, Numbers 35,  Deut. 4:41-43 (first three cities) and Deut. 19:1-13 (examples of manslaughter and the just cause of capital punishment) are re-iterated. Note the conjunction of Levitical cities and cities of refuge in the Numbers chapter. The need for them was to differentiate the two major causes of homicide whether deliberate murder or accidental manslaughter. The first mandated the death penalty but the second did not.

The need for these places was an ingrained fallen “tribal” idea of revenge prevalent then and still today in many Islamic or backward nations in which a near relative would seek to kill the person who had killed their relative. The second three cities are named in Joshua 20:7-9 and note the foreign sojourner is included fairly in the legislation. The one fleeing had to stay in the city of refuge till the case was heard or the high priest died (v4) which could be years!

Related instances are seen in the cases of Adonijah and Joab (I Kings 1:50-53 and I Kings 2:29) who both fled to the horns of the altar in the tabernacle, the first allowed to live and the second put to death as he had murdered two men namely Abner and Amasa (I Kings 2:31-33) and II Samuel 3:27 and 14. In the middle ages churches were often used as sanctuary by those being pursued.

Today these laws are abrogated because there is no high priest, the church is universal and the Old Testament ceremonial and societal ordinances are nailed to the cross of Christ.

King David very often speaks of God and his dwelling place as his refuge or the refuge of others in need see II Sam.22:3, Ps.14:6, 46:1, 57:1, 59:16, 62:7-8, 71:7,91:2, 94:22, 142:5. Often this was literal as God providentially shielded him from his earthly enemies like Saul, but also true of him and us, as we seek help against our spiritual enemies namely the hostile world, our own flesh and Satan.

Contrast our hiding in God and the wicked reprobate who cannot stand in God’s presence (Ps.5:5).

The cities of refuge point to the great refuge of all God’s people namely Christ (Heb. 6:18) to whom we flee, having been guilty of murder (hatred) and many more sins besides, for refuge from the wrath of God where we hide in the cleft of the rock who is Jesus Christ.

Communion with God (34b)

Just because God has revealed himself does not mean that the revelation will do anyone any good!-JK.

“Do we not see innumerable persons perishing everlastingly, notwithstanding the manifestation of himself which God has made in Christ?”

” No man knoweth the Father save the Son and he to whomsoever the Son will (desires to) reveal him” Matthew 11:27.

All the attributes of God manifest in Christ are only revealed to the elect by Christ himself. That revelation IS salvation.

“I am,” saith he, “God Almighty” (all-sufficient); — “I am wholly able to perform all my undertakings, and to be thy exceeding great reward. I am God all-sufficient.” Now, you know in whom this covenant and all the promises thereof are ratified, and in whose blood it is confirmed, — to wit, in the Lord Christ alone; in him only is God an all-sufficient God to any, and an exceeding great reward. And hence Christ himself is said to “save to the uttermost them that come to God by him,” Heb. 7. And these three things, I say, are required to be known, that we may have a saving acquaintance; and all these being hid only in Christ, from him alone it is to be obtained. This, then, is the first part of our first demonstration, that all true and sound wisdom and knowledge is laid up in the Lord Christ, and from him alone to be obtained; because our wisdom, consisting, in a main part of it, in the knowledge of God, his nature, and his properties, this lies wholly hid in Christ, nor can possibly be obtained but by him.”

And even Abraham had God revealed to him in Christ (by type and shadow-JK) Abraham, said Christ, saw my day and was glad.
John Owen

Membership of a True Church

Is your church one that ordains women, or even homosexuals? Is it contemplating “gay marriage”? If so it is departing from the truth and probably already apostate. You need to leave!

This hard-hitting booklet expounds the truth outlined in the great Reformed Confessions namely Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession and Westminster Confession that ordinarily there is no salvation (either in it’s beginning or process) outside a true visible instituted church.

“The visible church, which is also universal, is the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, the house and family of God, out of which there is no ordinary possibility of salvation.” WCF article 25.

THE most important institution you as a believer must be part of …is a true instituted church!

Read booklet here.

Click to access membershipintruechurch.pdf

Communion with God (34a)

“God has actually manifested the glory of all his attributes in a way of doing us good. What will it avail our souls, what comfort will it bring unto us, what endearment will it put upon our hearts unto God, to know that he is infinitely righteous, just, and holy, unchangeably true and faithful, if we know not how he may preserve the glory of his justice and faithfulness in his threatenings, but only end in ruin and destruction?  (What is needed is that) which brings salvation, when we shall see that God has glorified all his properties in a way of doing us good. Now, this he has done in Jesus Christ. In him has he made his justice glorious, in making all our iniquities to meet upon him, causing him to bear them all, as the scapegoat in the wilderness; not sparing him, but giving him up to death for us all; — so exalting his justice and indignation against sin in a way of freeing us from the condemnation of it, Rom. 3:25, 8:33, 34. In him has he made his truth glorious, and his faithfulness, in the exact accomplishment of all his absolute threatening and promises. That fountain-threat and combination whence all others flow, Gen. 2:17, “In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt die the death;” seconded with a curse, Deut. 27:26, “Cursed is every one that continueth not,” etc. [Gal. 3:10] — is in him accomplished, fulfilled, and the truth of God in them laid in a way to our good. He, by the grace of God, tasted death for us, Heb.2:9; and so delivered us who were subject to death, verse 15; and he has fulfilled the curse, by being made a curse for us, Gal. 3:13. So that in his very threatening his truth is made glorious in
a way to our good. And for his mercy, goodness, and the riches of his grace, how eminently
are they made glorious in Christ, and advanced for our good! God has set him forth to declare his righteousness for the forgiveness of sin; he has made way in him for ever to exalt the glory of his pardoning mercy towards sinners. To manifest this is the great design of the gospel, as Paul admirably sets it out, Eph. 1:5–8. There must our souls come to an acquaintance with them, or for ever live in darkness.”

Adapted from:


Making created things our god!

Young Calvinists

God has blessed his people with many gifts, earthly and spiritually. So many gifts, that we have come to take many of them for granted.

And we expect them.

Nice homes, well paying jobs in a good location, a large circle of friends, the man/woman of our dreams, children, a perfect family. These are all things that we view as the normal things in life. Normal things that “everyone has.” But the thing is, we don’t all have them. And when we don’t have them, we become upset… even angry! “I need these!” we say. “When will you give them to me?”

We expect them from the Lord and we spend our lives waiting. Waiting for the financial break through, waiting for the group of friends to accept you, or waiting for the man to walk into your life and sweep you off your feet. We think about it throughout…

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Imprecatory Psalms

“Imprecatory” means  Psalms that invoke judgment, calamity, or curses, upon one’s enemies or those who are the enemies of God. There are many of them but Psalm 69 is a classic example. It is vital to remember that these are the words of Christ, ” the zeal of thine house has eaten me up,” quoted in John 2:17 are about him. Christ, alone knows those who are his, and conversely those who are reprobate, like Judas who is clearly addressed in verses 25-28. The idea that God’s providential good to wicked men is a sign of his love is totally ruled out by verse 22 and following. Scripture teaches reprobation. God has assigned  and destined that the majority of men who fell in Adam and throughout their lives showed their hatred of him, would not be written with the righteous (v 28) but have their place with Satan and his demons in the lake of fire. God’s good providence toward them makes them more guilty for their ingratitude. Judas, Pharaoh and Esau are prime examples as Paul teaches in Romans. It is an unpalatable doctrine to many, but we must acknowledge that the potter has power over  the clay.

“How do people who defend a love of God for all interpret Psalm 5:5-6, Psalm 6:8 (cf. Matt. 7:23; 25:41), Psalm 139:19-22 and countless other Psalms in which the Psalmist prays that God may destroy the impenitent wicked (cf. Prov. 3:33)? I know that some claim that the so-called imprecatory Psalms are not inspired but this is a ruinous lie about God’s Word (II Tim. 3:16). This argument borders on the ridiculous.” Prof. Herman Hanko