The Land (6)

Sung Psalm 47:1-8 (note v4)

Read Joshua 16

The principles of the Israelite tribal allotments

  • Apportioned by lot (9 ½ tribes to east of Jordan) (cf. 14:2 and Numb.34:13). The lot acknowledges God’s sovereignty (Prov.16:33).
  • Apportioned secondarily by size of tribe (v9, Deut. 26:54-56, Numb. 33:54)
  • Apportioned thirdly according to landuse required viz. pasture or arable.

By whom? High priest, Joshua and tribal leaders (14:1)

Where? Shiloh-holy place at that time where tabernacle was.

cf. Psalm 47:4 where Christ, the ascended king gives eternal inheritance to all his people (Ps.16:5-6).


Order of allotments: Reuben first (oldest), the Judah (ch. 15, messianic ruling tribe, birthright given, led tribes marching), then Ephraim/1/2 Manasseh (Joseph tribes, ch. 16-17, cf.Gen.49), then Benjamin (18:11), then Simeon (19:1, subsumed within Judah) up to the last Dan.



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