Communion with God (12)


Safety: “His banner over me was love,” (Song of Solomon 2:4). The banner is the emblem of a regiment or army— a sign of the presence of an host led by the commander in chief. “Christ has a banner for his saints; and that is love. All their protection is from his love; and they shall have all the protection his love can give them. This safeguards them from hell, death, — all their enemies. Whatever presses on them, it must pass through the banner of the love of the Lord Jesus. They have, then, great spiritual safety; which is another ornament or excellency of their communion with him.” (John Owen)

Support and comfort:   “His left hand is under my head, and his right hand does embrace me.” (Song of Solomon 2:6), Christ here has the posture of a husband full of sustaining grace, in pressures and difficulties; and “the hand that does embrace”  (reminds us that) to lie in the arms of Christ’s love, under a perpetual influence of support and refreshment, is certainly to hold communion with him. Of course we usually attribute comfort and consolation to the Comforter, the Spirit of Christ….but can we separate them? I think not. Christ the Good Shepherd carries the lambs and weak sheep and makes them lie down in green pastures-JK





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