Communion with God (9)

Communion with Christ, as mediator, one who sympathises, who acts as priest and advocate, who desires sweet fruits and rejoices in them. I Cor.1:9,  Song of Solomon 4:12-15 and 5:1.

He provides a spiritual feast for us (Prov.9:2). Song of Solomon is the Scripture par excellence describing this communion. To the  bride he is like a lily and a fruit tree providing fruit for food and shade for refreshment. Thus she eats and she rests; both with great delight.

“Christ is that tree of life, which has brought forth all things that are needful unto life eternal. In him is that righteousness which we hunger after; — in him is that water of life, which whoso drinketh of shall thirst no more.

There is also refreshment in a shade from God’s wrath and earthly weariness. He is “as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land,” Isa. xxxii.  and from the power of corruptions, trouble of temptations, distress of persecutions, there is in him quiet, rest, and repose, Matt. xi. 27, 28.

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