The Land (5)


Sung Psalm 135:6-13 (NB v12)

Read Joshua 13:1-14

The book of Joshua links the holy war with the holy land. Joshua is often divided thus:

Chapters 1-4 entering the land, 5-12 conquering the land, 13-21 possessing the land and 22-24 retaining the land.

It is a foundational book as it is the first time the people of Israel are in the land of Israel and gives a geographical backdrop to references throughout the rest of Scripture.

First we have the land not yet conquered, that of the Philistines, and the Avites whom they dispossessed, who would become chief enemy from within in I and II Chronicles and Judges.

Second that of the Phoenicians (vv4-6) where Baal worship originated specially promoted by Jezebel daughter of Ethbaal.

Third that of the Geshurites and Maacathites who inhabited in SW and NE (vv2,11). Note that David sinfully married into them and Absalom was the result (II Sam.3:3).

The first tribes to actually inherit were Reuben, Gad and half Manasseh east of the Jordan in Gilead (Numbers 21:21ff and 32) defeating Og and Sihon.




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