War of Words (Chapter 2)

Sung Psalm 141 (check words about lips)

Reading Genesis 3:1-13

The key lessons from this chapter seem to be:

  • How sinful speech started (in Eden)
  • How it is carried on by us
  • What motivates it (selfishness)
  1. Tripp felt he had to ask forgiveness after blowing up with his children because he knew his motives were selfish and not God-centred (he wanted some peace).
  2. We learn from Satan’s speech (the first sinful use of words) and the fall of man that:
  • This was the first time the authority of God’s word was challenged
  • Satan led Eve to misinterpret God and actually add to his word
  • Satan lied
  • Adam and Eve tried to shift blame

The result was devastating to the whole universe (death and decay), sin and separation (between God/man and man/man), all societal sins, anger/hatred v fellow man AND God, all heresy/apostasy and church splits (God’s word is challenged and openly misinterpreted and disobeyed). All because our first parents listened.

3. Satan’s strategy:

  • Make God out to be a “kill-joy” (withholding good)
  • Appeal to man through flesh and pride (attractive fruit, wisdom/ knowledge, be as gods)
  • Tell outright lie

4. Then comes the use of tongue to shift blame to others which often wounds them in anger, is disrespectful and leads to quarrelling (see all the Proverbs verses quoted). The fact the tongue needs tamed tells you it is like a wild beast that bites, hurts and devours.

5. Much of our sinful speech is self-justification, trying to win the argument, put others down and hurt them but our conscience brings the backlash of shame. It is Christ-like to admonish wisely as he did and seek to bring God’s perspective on the issue.

6. Tripp ends with a series of typical human quotes and they are all SELFISH ideas or statements, not God-centred. Our aim in speaking ought to be to praise God, share his truth, show loving interest in others, edify them and admonish them in love. The opposite of love by the way is not just hatred it is self-love!


Next study (DV) Saturday June 3rd 8pm Kennedys. Chapter 3.


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