The Land (4)

The Land (4)

Earth swallows Dathan, Abiram and company.

Sung Psalm 106:11-18 (The ones who did NOT enter the land!)

Read Deut. 11

The inheritance of Canaan was in the way of obedience (v8) although it was God’s ultimate purpose (vv29,31). Similarly there is no way a believer will not make it into the heavenly Canaan by faith, but faith that worketh by love (i.e. by keeping the commandments which is to love God).

God recalls his mighty, miraculous acts (vv2-7), he contrasts Egypt, where irrigation was vital, with Canaan which will be well watered by providential rain twice a year. He warns the people that prosperity may lead to the people forgetting God, being deceived and idolatry (vv15-16) c.f. Deut. 6:11-12 and 8:10-12. SADLY THIS MAY BE TRUE OF PROFESSING BELIEVERS AND THEIR CHILDREN. Disobedience will lead inevitably to drought (Elijah) and dispossession of the land.



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