The Land (3)

The Land

Sung Psalm 95:6-11

Reading Deuteronomy 6

The last few weeks’ studies have been about three lands:

  • Egypt (house of bondage)
  • Wilderness (testing)
  • Canaan (Promised land)


Terms used for Canaan-Promised land, inheritance, gift, rest, land flowing with milk and honey. It is a picture of heaven, the intermediate state (after we die) and the eternal state.


What connects law and land? Cities of refuge (6), the dwelling place of God in Jerusalem, inheritance laws, Levitical cities (48) and year of Jubilee.

Vv10-11 show all is by grace

Vv12-16 warn against forgetting, idolatry and tempting God (we are all susceptible!)


Deut.8  A land of plenty where fullness can produce forgetfulness, of redemption and the wilderness wanderings/provision. Don’t be like the Laodiceans (Rev.3)!


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