Tues. 4/4/17 It was well nigh impossible to sleep on 14 hour flight, but at least with an isle seat I could stretch my legs! Manila is like West Indies, warm and humid 26 degrees. As I write I am surrounded by high rise hotels on the open top floor of Stone House hotel accessing internet. Sleep required!

5/4/17 Having been met and taken to B/B by Benilde and Dorothy (see welcome table) and their friendly taxi-driver, praise God caught up on sleep. Here are some views from top floor.  Some Lovely plants growing there.

Transportation-jeepneys and trikes!

Typical suburban street

 Weds 5/4/17. Standard of living is generally cheaper than UK. Petrol, food and drink about half our prices (1L petrol 50-60p), BUT gyms are a rip off asking me for 900-1200 pesos (£15-20) for one session! Wages are generally low, minimum seems to be about £25 a week (6,000 pesos a month).We toured the huge Farmers Market where every kind of food and utensil can be bought, exotic seafood, chicken legs, live eels, catfish etc. Picked a fish and had it cooked and battered and sauced for us (see pic). Lovely meal and fellowship with Nil, Dorothy and Sonny and Luz Umali, elder and wife from Berean PRC.

Piles of eggs at the Farmer’s Market.


Snooze time.

Our fish.

6/4/17  Visited with Nil and Dorothy with Dick Espiritu. Late afternoon to Cloud 9 to see all of Manila from high vantage point as sun went down. Pall of grey smog hung over the city. Dropped and broke camera, so no more pics from me! These two of our hotel and Nils house are courtesy of Google earth.

Nils house


7/4/17 Today an early start to travel to the Filipino equivalent of Glenarrif waterfalls.



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