The Holy War (12)

In a whistle-stop review quiz of the history of Israel from Moses to David (500years) we covered things like:

  • God using forces of nature to defeat enemy e.g. water, earthquake, hail and thunder.


  • His people won battles through praise, prayer, angels and technical inventions.
  • Wars often inspired songs
  • Wars resulted in the deaths of thousands including major figures like Samson, Saul and Josiah.
  • Summons to battle could be the usual trumpets but unusually a dismembered concubine or oxen.
  • Individuals warred and also partners.
  • David was the greatest warrior (typifying Christ ─ Heb.2:14).


  • Some general principles: God often judges and chastises his people by war and oppression and many die but Psalm 44:9-26 reveals that God’s people despite doing good, may also suffer and in this case we call it persecution. This will eventually lead us to consider war in the New Testament, which of course is spiritual.

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