Irish Indoor Rowing Championships (IIRC) 2017

16251950_769354589882443_4307003303604627424_o  The bucket’s for anyone who throws up!16265354_769490766535492_4942477512579740555_nReady, Attention, Row!

After a sleepless overnight train and bus journey I arrived at University of Limerick just in time for the first race the 1000m at 10.12am. As ever I had Ken Lake, ex-marine and CEO of Lakes Fitness in Malta beside me, who invariably (up till now) beats me. He did it again well and truly, pulling away to 80m in front, by the end, but I have to add he is a heavyweight (over 75Kg) rower and I am lightweight. So, a silver. Then with an outside chance at an Irish record in the 500m sprint I had to get off 0.7Kg by 3pm to make lightweight for it. I made it after three runs and a visit to the loo. In this race both I and John Martyn of Galway started off hard and in fact John led till the last 100m I believe, when Ken overhauled him.


1000m first three.                                           L to R. John, Ken and me.

The championships as ever were well run with around 1,400 competitors of ages 12-75, with a professional photographer on hand and plenty vociferous supporters (see pic).



IIRC website

Thousands of photos on this FB page

How to row indoors properly



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