Our identity in Christ


Summary of message given by Rev. Ronald VanOverloop at CPRC Ballymena Wednesday June 18th 2017


Text Acts 27:23.

Paul standing on the shifting deck of an otherwise doomed merchant sailing vessel with 276 people on board tells them God “whose I am, and whom I serve” told him that all on board would be saved from the wreck.

Identity is NOT:

  • What I do
  • What others think of me

Our identity (as Christians) is:

  • What God thinks of me
  • What God has done for me

The fall of man, and our fall in him has made us as depraved creatures think horizontally all the time, that is about ourselves and other people. Fear of man predominates and we are constantly comparing ourselves with others and sometimes thinking we don’t need others. All these ideas are sinful thoughts and attitudes.

We need to think vertically: We have two legs that we stand on. First leg…we are vile dust by nature (the old man of sin), second leg we are a new man (Christ in me by his Spirit) who nevertheless is dominant (our kicking foot!)

God sees us IN CHRIST as belonging to him, beloved everlastingly, perfectly righteous (holy), ordained to good works.

Praise his name!


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