The Holy War (1b)


The antithesis is especially a Reformed doctrine teaching the Biblical truth that all of history is the history of a war. That war, the antithesis, is God’s work and was taught Adam and Eve in the beginning after the fall in the mother promise of the Gospel that God would put enmity between the seed of the woman Jesus Christ and the elect, and the seed of the serpent, Satan and the reprobate wicked. That truth underlies every instance of temptation, sin and persecution against God’s people in history, the cross, which was the central overarching victory and the lifelong internal battle in every believer between his flesh (old depraved man) and the Spirit of God in the renewed man. Here is how Rev. Brian Huizinga* puts it, ” The evidence of regeneration is not the glory of sinless perfection.  Regeneration makes us perfect in principle, but not in full.  Our incredibly powerful and relentlessly militant sinful flesh cleaves to us until it is abolished on the day we die and go to heaven.  Regeneration decisively breaks the dominion of sin within us, yet sin remains.  Do not doubt your regeneration and salvation because you sin, and sin, and sin, and sin, and sin.  This side of Eden only one man will ever walk this earth perfectly consecrated to God.  You are not that man, nor am I.  Jesus is.   The evidence of regeneration is that you fight.  You know you are regenerated—born again from above with the life of the Lord by the Spirit of the Lord—if you fight.  You know with unshakable confidence that you belong to Christ now and forever if you fight.  The dead do not fight; the living fight.  You fight against sin in and for the kingdom of God.  You can see the kingdom by faith.  You love the kingdom—the church, its gospel preaching, its holy people, and its living truth.  You love God’s King, your Saviour, Jesus Christ.  You love and set your heart upon the treasures of the kingdom—righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit.  Because you love God, you hate and want destroyed the lie of false doctrine, wicked attitudes, alluring temptations, and all that is full of the vanity of wicked man.  You fight for the Bible and the truth of the Bible contained in the Reformed creeds.  The evidence of regeneration is not that you no longer sin, but that your sin bothers you before God.  You fight against your own sins by sorrowing over them, hating them, and fleeing from them as Joseph fled Potiphar’s house.”

*Standard Bearer Dec.15th 2016images


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