What Reformation means!

untitledBurning bush-emblem of many Reformed churches.

Reformed believers tend to have a mind-set that concentrates on events that happened 500 years ago and led to the churches of which they are a part but at an individual level human beings MUST be reformed or perish! “The awesome truth here is also that He (God) re-formed us—that is what is meant when He forms us for Himself while we were in a devilish form which was realized by Satan–for HIMSELF That is, for His own glory! And by all means take hold of that last part: God forms us for Himself in order that we may show forth His praises. His praise and His desire to receive our praise is behind the work of salvation which He realized in His Son. He established that wonderful covenant for His own praise and glory. There we have the deep purpose of our salvation. It is realized so that we do show forth and are able to show forth His praise. We are saved so that we may sing His praises, want to do so, and can do so! There you have the deepest reason for the covenant which He drew up and signed. There you have the purpose of God’s covenant. He forms us for Himself. He planned and designed our salvation so that He might be praised by us constantly in the New Jerusalem.” John Heys in Standard Bearer.

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