God’s Unconditional Covenant


God’s covenant (testament) is NOT like that between two human beings with each making promises.

He alone makes the covenant and fulfils it in us, for the simple reason that not only do “dead men tell no tales” but dead men can have no part in their resurrection, and coming into living fellowship with the living God.

“We can never overemphasize that pronoun “I” in what is called the Mother-Promise, namely, Genesis 3:15. The almighty, unchangeable God said, “I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” It is not a promise of what we will do to flee from under the curse which we received because of our sinful work. The gospel, the good news, begins with God’s word as to what HE will do. Here very powerfully we are instructed that those who are going to be saved do not have to fulfill a condition, as we pointed out in the previous installment of these articles on That Wonderful Covenant. God’s covenant promises us what He will do to spiritually dead sinners who cannot yet want what He promises. We ought to take note of the fact that our covenant God begins with that truth, namely, I will do this before you even want it. This He promised to those who strove to escape punishment by fig-leaf aprons, and thus by their own works (dead works-JK). He promises covenant blessings to those who tried to hide from Him, not run unto Him in sorrow because there was yet a little love for Him in their hearts. Let us never forget how God began when He told the devil how we would be saved, not how we could save ourselves by fulfilling a condition. The simple truth we must hold on to is that God saves spiritually dead people who hate Him before He begins salvation in them. Enmity against Satan means love of God. There can be no neutrality. It is always, in every work we do, as far as its spiritual significance is concerned, either hatred against God or hatred against Satan. Did God not tell Adam, and still tells us today, that when we disobey Him we reveal spiritual DEATH? “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17). When we die our hearts stop beating. And our hearts cannot by us be made to begin once again to pump our blood through our bodies. Well, that is what God told Adam and us. Clearly He told Adam and us that if Adam ate of that fruit, he and we could not even want to have our hearts beat in love to Him again. HE would have to do that; and in His grace He does it. ”

“He promises to His people, as represented by Adam and Eve, that which they do not even yet know exists!  (true of most believers-JK) Adam and Eve did not have the slightest idea that God had eternally decreed a covenant, will, and a testament, with that glorious promise of making us love Him and live with him in a more wonderful life, and with far more intimate fellowship with Him in the new Jerusalem than Adam enjoyed before he died spiritually. Yet our covenant God told them what was in His covenant. He would change them, not offer a change to them and give it if they asked for it. The conditional theology of Arminianism—so widely proclaimed today—denies the fact that Adam died spiritually that day, and that he had no spiritual life to hand down to any of his descendants. It maintains that God depends upon man to have His covenant promises fulfilled, rather than that man depends upon God for every bit of his spiritual life as well as every bit of his physical life.

John Heys in Standard Bearer.

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